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How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Grand Entrance


When turning a house into a home we all want to get the details right not just for visual aesthetics but also for overall feel of warmth and comfort, a place anyone would be happy to spend relaxing time in. Of course, the interior is essential to master, getting the spaces to feel open and flowing, the décor to be of complementary tastes, and the lighting effective while not being too intrusive, but the feeling of a home begins with its entrance. Here are some basic tips to get you started on creating a warm and welcoming grand entrance.


Before anyone can even get close to the front door of your home he or she must first encounter your front lawn. This may seem basic, and it is to an extent, but it is still essential to giving your entrance the welcoming feel that can complement the rest of your home. It all starts with regular mowing, weeding, and the like, but other preventive landscaping tricks like over seeding the grass can prove to make life easier in the long run.

Cosmetic Plantings

Install gardens or privacy plants that best fit your style. The right flower gardens near the front entrance of your home are not only beautiful but they can also put guests at ease because beauty makes one thing of the nicer things in life, which would relax anyone. The right and properly groomed hedge row or shady tree also add a welcome feel by making the front entrance feel like its own little closed off world.

An Inviting Walkway

Understanding how important the front lawn is in creating a warm and welcoming grand entrance, an idea to consider is installing an inviting walkway to guide visitors through the yard and to the door. This could be as simple as maintaining a smooth and clean dirt path or something a bit more sophisticated involving masonry or stone slabs. Of course, for this idea to be helpful lawncare becomes even more important because the grass around the walkway must appear as welcoming as the walkway itself. According to WikiLawn Dallas, an important tip to keep in mind is to mow your grass regularly, but don’t mow it too short because the grass will become more at risk of being unhealthy.

A Well-kept Front Porch or Stairway

When guests finally walk through your beautiful lawn and make their way toward the front door they will encounter your porch or stairway. It is important to keep these things maintained toachieve that warm and welcoming feel you desire. Luckily it isn’t too hard to do this. With stairs, keep them clean and free from cracks or tripping hazards. Same can be said with porches. Aside from the basics of cleanliness and keeping things from falling into disrepair, consider putting potted plants in thoughtful placements or choosing that perfect welcome mat. It’s really the personal touch that makes a home feel welcoming, so to create your warm and welcoming grand entrance add your own personal touch to everything.