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Decluttering Your Home: 5 Reasons To Use A Storage Unit

storage unit

When you take a step back, you can be shocked to notice how quickly you’ve accumulate a ridiculous amount of “stuff” in your home. How many closets, basements or garages are packed full of items that you never use and may have never even taken out of the box? If you’re not that pleased with the answer, you aren’t alone.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of having a lack of space. There are likely many items in your home that you just don’t have room for anymore but you don’t want to get rid of. Maybe you are looking to downsize and need a place to keep your precious items safe. There are a number of reasons why people consider looking into a storage unit to help deal with items that they just don’t have the space for.

Renting a storage unit can be an excellent solution that lets you keep the things that you want without overcrowding your homes living space. Take a look at some of the reasons that investing in a storage space for your items may be the perfect solution for you.

Moving or Downsizing

If you are a part of the Baby Boomer generation, you are likely entering the retirement phase of your life. Many people are looking to give up their larger family homes in favor of smaller more manageable living spaces like apartments or condos.

If this is the case, you will likely not have the space to keep many of your most loved items, though you may not want to get rid of them. A storage firm is a great place to safely store your family heirlooms and other items until you are ready to pass them along to other family members.

Seasonal Items

Many people have a garage on their properties, but how many of them can actually park a car inside? The numbers are likely pretty low. Your garage or garden shed can quickly become a dumping zone for seasonal items like outdoor furniture, sporting equipment and gardening or maintenance tools.

If you would love to be able to pull your vehicle into a warm garage during the colder months you may want to consider packing some of your more bulky seasonal items in a storage unit. Keep all of your summer or winter items safe and secure with the freedom to access them any time you want. It’s easy for you to switch them out depending on the season.

Recreational Items

We all know how much people like their toys, but they can take up a ton of room in your garage or shed. If you are a fan of outdoor sports and own a snowmobile, ATV, canoe or a kayak, a storage space is the perfect place to store them. You can have 24/7 access to your items so you will still be able to use them whenever you like without taking up precious room in your home.


Even the most simple home renovations plan can easily turn into a major project. If you are redoing an area in your home, consider storing the items in that area instead of crowding another area of your home with the items. Renovations can be messy and drag out over time, so putting your furniture in a storage unit can actually protect your items from getting damaged during the construction project.

Combining Households

When you decide to move in with your partner you may quickly find that you have a ton of double items. There is no need to have two of everything, especially if you are tight on space. When you have a storage unit available, you will have the time to choose the pieces that you want to keep in your newly combined home and store the rest for safekeeping.

Down the line, if you move into a larger space or even want to update the items that you have, you will have the choice of everything that has been kept in your unit.

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