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Connected Home: Which is the Best Wired Security System?

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Smart home technology is more popular than ever.

Now, it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, with more and more homes gearing up with gadgets and software systems that make everyday life easier.

One of the most important aspects of a smart home is a security system. This makes it easier than ever to protect your property and keep your family safe.

Are you looking for the best-wired security system for your home? Read on to find the right one for you.

The 3 Best Wired Security System Providers

Not sure where to shop for your home security? We’ve narrowed the market down to the three best contenders.

1. Simplisafe

You might know SimpliSafe from its extensive podcast advertising. It has more than just great marketing, though. Simplisafe lives up to the hype by providing one of the most intelligent security systems out there.

If anyone attempts to break into your home, motion sensors, video monitoring and glass-break protection systems will trigger an alarm. The system will automatically contact your local police so that officers can handle the situation right away.

It doesn’t just protect your home against intruders. It also alerts you to any water and fire damage and handles medical emergencies, too.

Living up to its name, it also requires almost no effort to install. Instead of drilling and playing around with wires, all you have to do is plug it in.

2. Google Nest

Nest started out with thermostats, but how now branched out into smart home security, too.

It works with Google Assistant to keep your home protected in the most convenient way possible. When you’re away from home, you can monitor and control everything using the handy app on your phone. Even when you’re not looking, security alerts are sent directly to your phone.

The sensor system can be armed and disarmed easily using Nest tags, which are shaped like small keyfobs. You can set timers to fit your routine, so you don’t have to rush out the door to avoid triggering an alarm. It even has a ‘dog pass’ feature to stop your pets from setting off the system, too.


3. Vivint

Vivint’s security system has voice control capabilities, so you can open, close or arm and disarm doors and windows without even pressing a button.

It also features a night vision security camera, so you can see exactly what’s going on in your home, even when it’s dark. The outdoor camera has 4K, an ultra-wide-angle lens and a powerful zoom, giving you more explicit pictures than most other security cameras.

It won’t merely record intruders, though. If anyone’s lurking around your home, it will use lights and tones to warn them off your property before they cause any trouble.

Increase Your Property Value

As well as keeping your home safe and secure, installing the best-wired security system will also increase its curb appeal.

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s worth installing one before you put it on the market.

There are lots of other ways to attract buyers to your home. Check our other articles for more tips.