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How Safe Are Your Kids With These Trending Home Security Systems

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Home video monitoring is one of the reasons why a security system can guarantee children’s safety as if the parents are at home. Hence, installing a home security system is becoming more popular nowadays that its demand is continually increasing.

Consequently, many technology companies improve their products as time passes by, making sure that they would meet the interests of many homeowners, including a child-friendly smart home. How would these safety devices ensure a place beneficial and safe for kids?

Controls Appliances and Electricity Usage with Smart Appliances

Smart home systems allow parents to monitor the appliances used by their children. For example, your child forgot to turn off the water from the toilet, and you are not at home. You do need to worry. Smart devices could do the work for you.

Most of these smart gadgets equipped with motion sensors and timers can manage appliances. These tools would keep away your children from accidents like slippering. Plus, you could also save money by not paying big fees on unchecked utilities.

Also, smartphones applications control most home automated safety devices. Even though you are at work and your kids are at home, you can immediately respond if there are emergencies because you have easy access to all your smart-home system.

Does Food Management with Smart Refrigerators

Smart Refrigerators are one of the most popular smart technology with the best child-friendly features. This kitchen appliance has an alarm that could remind children not to leave the door/s open.

Some smart refrigerators have built-in cameras that are accessible to any connected smartphones and are associated with grocery management apps. Although parents are still at work, they can check what groceries they already have inside the fridge, and restock what is lacking for their kids and remotely ordering snacks for them.

It has family message centers so you could look for recipes or podcasts on its built-in screen. You could stream music, TV shows, or educational information so your child will not be bored while you are cooking.

According to Security Baron, almost 50% of house fire incidents are due to misusing cooking equipment. Through being immersed on other things shown on the screen, these refrigerators avoid children from being curious about what you are doing, especially when dealing with fire from the stove.

Disciplines Kids with Smart Assistance

Smart assistance can mostly do what parents do in a whole day. This device manages your children’s daily routine, as well as supervises them to follow every schedule.  Voice assistants from these gadgets will remind your kids about what they should need to do.

For instance, smart assistance will remind your child to do his or her homework at home. It could adjust temperatures on thermostats for a comfortable and conducive study environment, as well. Also, to make sure your child could concentrate on his or her studies, you can lock and unlock controls on televisions at a set time.

Motivation is one thing that smart assistance could also do. You can program it to give modest rewards to your children when they finish their homework already, or when they are using kind words like please or thank you.


Supervises Screen Time with Smart TVs

Even if parents are away, they feel secure while in control of what their children are watching. Smart televisions are integrated with content-control settings so your kids will not access shows with mature content from other streaming or TV channels.

It could also supervise children to manage time well by allowing parents to schedule screen time. It avoids children from overwatching televisions and overusing gaming system and other entertainment gadgets to the point that they will forget eating already. Parents could turn off TVs remotely with the use of different applications on their phones.

Puts Children to Bed with Smart Bedtime Routines

Many professionals specializing in sleep treatment have been recommending people to avoid blue light emitted from electronic screens a few hours before bed. However, rest assured that this smart bedtime routine, although a digital technology, would help children go to sleep.

Through creating predictable nighttime routines, this technology makes bedtime relaxing rather than being interrupted. It lowers or turns off lights at set times, plays soft music like lullabies or white noise, reads bedtime stories to kids when parents are not available to read it for them.


Even outside the house, you could still keep track of your children’s whereabouts with the use of security tools. Geofencing is one of these safety gadgets that can create virtual boundaries that manages a smart home with automation security once parents leave and switches off when children reach home.

Many thanks to Tyler Pack for his contribution.  Tyler is a real estate consultant and journalist, with a passion for smart homes technology. He is keen on writing about home and property security, and cybersecurity.

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