Building A Home Or Building A Legacy?

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It’s not something many people could do on their own. Yet the person who gets the ball rolling, manages the finances and approves the final design will be forever known as the builder of that home. You might not personally lift a brick. But the legacy you’ll leave on that property will last a lifetime.

There are so many reasons why you would want to build a home for you and your family. You might have special needs that can’t be met by other properties you’ve looked at. Or maybe you simply have a dream of open space and characterful design? One of the main reasons for self-building is to have something wonderful your children can grow up in and eventually inherit.

Then, of course, is the pride you’ll have forever knowing this house was built by you. So how do you reach the point of moving in and calling it home? Project management is the most important skill you’ll need if you’re not in the trades yourself. You can develop the design with your preferred architect and oversee their approval in the relevant planning offices. Then you can personally select the best tradespeople to work on your dream design.

You might be in a position to finance innovative new materials and construction methods. If you’re not, why not consider selling your current home early to provide the funds? Many people choose this approach and live with family or on site in a caravan for a few months. When you get to move into your new home, you’ll know it was worth the sacrifice.

Of course, even with the best intention and the best project managers, budgets can fall short. You may need to constantly adjust the figures, letting go of some ideas in favor of others. You might choose to refinance or look to solutions like Enness Bridging Finance to see you over the toughest times of your build. You might have to continue working full time in your day job, and try to juggle the project management in your spare time.

Building property is about building a dream you have. It’s about building that legacy you can leave forever more, and it’s about building a home for your children. With so much at stake, both emotionally and financially, it’s crucial you find the right people to help you realize your dream. Yes, you’ll need to pay them, but paying a true professional over a potential ‘cowboy’ will always be money well spent. This is, after all, the place your children will be sleeping. And this is the place that will bear your name long after you’re gone.

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to build a house. The project is yours to evolve and develop. It becomes your baby, and you can become very attached to it. Don’t let this blindside you into poor decisions or overspend. Hire people you can trust that will help you make the best decisions for the project as you go. They’ve got a stake in your dream too!

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