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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Inheriting Property

At first, inheriting property sounds like winning a prize. It’s hard to imagine it could become a major hardship. Yet, there’s real potential for an inherited home to become a financial burden. Transfer of property for beneficiaries who aren’t the surviving spouse can be a long process. It’s especially tough when you’re already facing the […]

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Top Tech to Store in Your Garage for When You Need it

A good garage should be like a huge extension of your handy toolbox; filled with useful equipment and supplies, carefully organised, so that you can approach any task with the confidence that you have the right tools to do so. Of course, a whole garage can’t just be filled with spare screws and fuses, but […]

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10 Smart Benefits of Buying Home Solar Panels

Are you struggling with monthly power costs? Utility prices continue to soar and according to the latest news, this is going to be the new norm. Fortunately, there is a solution to combat rising electricity prices. If you want an efficient means of managing your energy, home solar panels are your best bet. Not sure […]

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Financial Tips for Property Market Investors

Investing in property is both a lucrative and a risky business and, whether you’re buying your first property or investing in a larger portfolio of home investments, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve taken the necessary financial precautions in order to maximise your potential profit while minimising the risk that you’ll lose cash on your […]

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How to Secure a Loan for Home Owners With Bad Credit

Prospective homebuyers not in the know, with a bad credit rating will be discouraged from applying for a home loan. They wrongly believe going through the application process would be a waste of time as they’ll be turned down. Well don’t be put off – having a bad credit rating isn’t always due to a […]

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The Importance Of Having The Right Cover As A Landlord

Becoming a landlord can be an exciting time but renting out property is never going to be a risk-free activity. Only the luckiest of landlords never encounter rogue tenants or avoid a few unintentional accidents that nevertheless cause costly damage. Putting some money aside for repairs and accidents is vital for any landlord’s budget but […]

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The Practical Side To Finding Your Dream Home

We all have the idea of finding a dream home. When you’re young, you’ll often think about your future and when you do, you will visualize a home. And what you actually visualize will often be very personal. What you consider to be your dream home will be so different from what your friends or […]

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The Risks and the Costs of Insuring your Move

Moving house, whether it is locally or international, can be an expensive affair. Hiring removalists, paying for professional cleaning, and paying travel expenses for yourself can all add up if you’re not careful. So how can you know which areas are worth spending money on and which aren’t? Insurance is something that we all know […]

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What to Expect in a Building Inspection When Buying a Property

A building inspection aka ‘home inspection’ or ‘property inspection’ is always recommended and ideally you get it done before signing the sale and purchase agreement. However that’s not always possible so an inspection can also be a conditional clause in the S&P agreement and your lawyer can assist you with it’s inclusion in the contract. […]

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Three Tips For Dealing With Property Maintenance Contractors

There’s a great sense of pride maintaining your property to a high standard. However it has to be said while many homeowners love to try their hand at DIY (do it yourself), more often than not most tasks are better left to the experts. The property owner is better off looking after the maintenance checks […]

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6 Apartment Tech Companies Millennials Just Love

Since the dawn of the commercial internet, founders have been trying to reinvent how real estate-related transactions take place. This includes how people shop for homes, rent their apartments, or even how they furnish the places where they live. However, earlier generations were less likely to use the internet compared to Millennials and this means […]

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Is Investing in Glasgow’s Buy-to-let Market a Wise Decision?

Investing in the UK property market is definitely a wise decision because it is one of the most feverish markets in Europe. In fact, it is second among the European countries when it comes to real estate investments, and its rental pool is not likely to shrink in the coming years. Among the different cities […]

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5 Things to Consider Before You Build or Buy a Tiny Home

Tiny house living can seem like a dream to some people, but if you aren’t careful, might end up looking more like a nightmare. This is because there is so much to consider when making such a big life change! When you build or buy a tiny home, you’re committing to living minimally. You’re saying […]

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