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Ohio USA

Top 3 US States To Own Investment Property In This Year

There are fifty states in the US, but which ones are the best for investors this year? More specifically, if you had to choose three states to own investment property in, which three states would they be? After lots of research, and even more deliberation, we managed to narrow down the list from fifty, all […]

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declutter your kitchen

Six ways to live with a clutter-free kitchen

Are you sick of cleaning out the clutter in your kitchen? Clearing the kitchen bench for example is rewarding, however it’s not long before it’s lost again under layers of stuff. It’s a natural dumping ground for your family’s tech devices, keys, toys etc. Even with a luxury modern kitchen which is designed to visually […]

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tech that improves property value

7 High-Tech Features that Increase Your Home Value

Technology continues to change the way we complete everyday tasks. Many homeowners are incorporating technological features into their households to improve convenience and safety. Is it possible that these same high-tech upgrades could also increase a home’s resale value? There are a few technological upgrades that can indeed increase the resale value of your home. […]

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creating checklist

How To Choose The Right Property Management Company

Investing in the rental property market has the potential to be a very profitable venture however it’s not as passive as some people will lead you to believe. Engaging a property management company to manage the tenancy and all the tasks that go with it is the preference for most investors. Most rental property owners […]

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house moving

Five Tips on How to Use Self-Storage When Moving House

Moving house is undoubtedly one of the most stressful experiences, yet when you’re well prepared and organised it can be straightforward and maybe even enjoyable! During the whole moving house process, you may find it necessary to put some of your possessions into storage. So making the most of self-storage facilities can lighten the burden. […]

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home interior lights

Small changes to help you sell your home quickly

Selling your home is a stressful decision, and it’s made no easier by the fact that it can often be slow, with potential sales falling through or simply a lack of interested parties. Buying a house is a big step, and for the process to go as smoothly as possible, you are going to want […]

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colour charts

A kitchen renovation is both exciting and stressful

It’s exciting because you’ll get the chance to create the kitchen of your dreams. However, it can be very stressful because you’ll have to deal with the issues that come along with a major renovation. Create a budget Sit down with your contractor and get a better understanding of how much the renovation will cost. […]

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white lounge

Interior Design Basics That Make All the Difference

Interior design, much like any form of art, has experienced movements and changes throughout the years. It affects how your home is perceived and how you are perceived, subconsciously or not, by others. While many people are house-proud and have preferences on how their home should look, interior design is about transforming a place into […]

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commercial building

4 Commercial Real Estate Pitfalls to Consider

Commercial real estate goes through a period of correction or a crash that lowers prices, making it the right time to buy. Experts have difficulty pinpointing the exact time to purchase to make a profit, and for a lot of businesses, it makes sense to lease commercial space rather than buying. Pitfalls that businesses need […]

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How to Find the Right Location for Your Rental Property

You’ve made the decision to go ahead and investment in a rental property, so that’s the tough decision out of the way. Now the fun starts with finding an ideal area and then searching for the ideal property. The right neighborhood will get you off to a good start. It will have a steady supply […]

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person being carried into house

How To Buy A House When You Didn’t Think You Could

For people who want to buy their first home but feel that the economy and circumstances are against them, don’t despair. There are obstacles to buying a property, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t surmountable. There are a variety of different ways that you can buy a property, and they’re not as difficult as you […]

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loft room

Five ways to keep your loft conversion cool this summer

Summer is not far off and it’s time to start worrying about how to prevent yourself from getting all hot and sticky. We deal with the summer heat in the car, on the bus, on the tube and on the street, but there’s ones place you should never have to worry about being too hot, […]

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buying a house unseen

Buying a Property Sight Unseen

Most people would find the idea of buying real estate without having seen it first an alarming and unwise course of action. The viewing process is an essential aspect of deciding whether a property fulfills your criteria, and house buyers are well known for making decisions based not just on practical considerations but the feel […]

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house in hands

5 Key Things to Understand About Jumbo Mortgages

A jumbo mortgage or jumbo loan is a kind of home financing that the amount exceeds the loan limits set by the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency). This amount varies depending on location. For most counties, the maximum limit is $417,000. For a few upscale counties with several luxurious homes, the limit increases to about […]

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