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8 Tips to Make your Front Lawn Stand Out


Good impressions last. So, if you want your home to stand out in the neighborhood, improving your front lawn is a good starting point. After all, the very first thing that visitors and passers-by notice is your home’s frontage and it’s important to keep it clean, neat, and attractive.

Going beyond garden gnomes, there are tons of other ways to decorate your front lawn. Here are some of the best ideas to get you started.

Turn fences into art

In America, picket fences are a typical sight. They provide added security, but they can be turned into pieces of art if you’re imaginative enough. You can give your fence a new coat of paint regularly to give it a fresh look. What’s more, you can also consider building your fences low so that people can look at how you maintain your front lawn.

Boxed plants

Nothing gives life to your home more than flowers can. If you happen to possess a green thumb, give it something to work on by planting colorful annuals or hardy perennials to complement your home’s exterior. You can create makeshift boxes from scraps of wood to serve as plots. It will give your front lawn a more rustic and laidback feel.


If you are going to hardware stores to purchase cobblestones, you might as well find them elsewhere. Go outside and search for flat stones you can plant on your front lawn. Arrange them in a wavy pattern to achieve an almost fairytale-esque charm.

Light the way

Aside from paving the way to your doorstep, you can install small lamps or lanterns on the sides of the pathway. It makes for a pretty sight during the nighttime, especially in the sight of early evening guests.

Keep your grass low

Nothing is more appealing than a neat front lawn. With that said, you need to maintain the grass by giving it a regular dose of fertilizer. More importantly, you should be able to keep the height of your grass low. Be careful, though. Cutting your grass too low can render it vulnerable to disease and pests.

Maintain a good patio

Having a nice looking patio has its perks. Aside from providing a great place from which you can admire your front lawn, your patio also serves the purpose of an added accessory. Aim for a more rustic theme by placing handcrafted benches and a center table.

Install effective irrigation

To keep your grass healthy, you will need to keep it irrigated. In this case, opt to install a sprinkler system to prevent your lawn from drying out, especially during the summer. After that, it’s just a matter of finding the right contractors who can install the system for you and less.

Get someone else to help you out

Achieving a more desirable front lawn is easier said than done. For sure, you need to spend an ample amount of time and money. But, with that said, you might also get a lawn care service provider to do the job of helping you attain your dream lawn.