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8 Reasons Why and How to Buy Storage Units


Did you know that the self-storage industry was valued at over $37 billion in 2018? Due to today’s fast-paced life and ever-changing business world, storage is needed more than ever before.

If you are considering what storage options are available, you may be wondering whether to rent a storage container. After all, the rates can seem reasonable. However, have you ever considered the benefits of purchasing a storage unit?

If you would like to learn how to buy storage units or the benefits of doing so, why not read our authoritative article below to learn the answer?

We will discuss the 4 steps for purchasing a container and then the 4 reasons why that is a great idea.

1. Choose Your Container

Whatever your storage needs there is a style to meet them. For example, there are shipping containers of every conceivable size, under 8′ to over 53′ long. You can find these in both new and second-hand condition.

The most important thing to ask is “what will I use the container for?”. Putting together a list of the items that you plan to store and their approximate dimensions and weights will help you to make the decision easily.

Once you know how you will use your container and which one you will buy, you can address the next question.

2. What Grade Will You Choose?

Storage containers are designed to withstand different environments. Some are lightweight and designed to be used domestically. Others were used for years as shipping containers and were designed to endure storms at sea. And of course, there is every grade in between!

“New” shipping containers are almost brand new. They have been used for a maximum of one shipping journey. This journey will likely have been the journey from the factory to the selling point.

Certified Containers have been used to ship goods. However, they are still guaranteed to be in good condition.

Wind and Water Tight containers showing signs of wear after perhaps severe usage. However, these are still considered to be in good condition.

As-is are containers that may have serious rust or other signs of serious use and aging. Beware of doors that are warped or don’t completely seal.


3. Who Sells Shipping Containers?

When looking for the perfect storage unit, there may appear to be many options, however – let the buyer beware. Often the biggest dealers will have a large selection of containers – and so the highest prices.

Ensure that you shop around and compare deals before making your final decision.

4. Prepare for Delivery

You will need to decide where on your land the container will live. This should be somewhere that you can access easily, yet that the delivery truck can also enter.

Communicate well with the driver and confirm with him which direction the doors should face. You may be planning to use leave your container in a location that is exposed to the elements. In this case, you should create a base for the container to allow airflow underneath.

Now that you know that purchasing a storage unit can be very easy. What other reasons are there for purchasing storage units?

5. Hidden Costs

If you have decided to purchase a container rather than rent one, you have saved yourself time and money.

While renting a container may seem to have its advantages, it can come with some serious hidden costs. This could include administration fees, setup fees, insurance fees and the like.

If you choose to locate your container in a storage facility, you may even face higher charges. Unseen costs for security upgrades, locks and even higher premiums for a better location.

You can avoid all of this by purchasing the container and controlling its costs yourself.

6. Convenience

If you are storing items in an external storage container, you are unlikely to need them on a daily basis. However, sometimes you will want to access them, otherwise, you could have trashed them.

If you have rented a container in a storage location that is far from your home, you will have to travel their every time you want to access your personal belongings.

Avoid this hassle and time loss by purchasing a container and putting it on your own land.


7. Locate It Anywhere You Want

If the container belongs to you, you can keep it wherever you want, and move it whenever you want.

You may be able to keep it on land belonging to your neighbor or relative. If you move locations and want to move it to your land, simply have it collected and moved to the new location. Not so easy with a static storage container on a rented facility.

8. Have It Your Way

What would you like to do with your storage container? Would you like to redesign its interior? Personalize it or even make a home out of it? All of this is possible if it belongs to you.

In fact, many people have been successfully able to make workshops and even workplaces out of storage containers after they have been emptied.

How to Buy Storage Units and Much More

After learning how to buy storage units, you are likely wondering what else you can do to improve your business and personal storage space. If so, we are here to help! We research the most important real estate related topics and bring them to you via our feed.

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