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7 essential tips for a top-notch driveway gate installation

As far as getting a new driveway installed is concerned, there are more than just a couple of things to keep in mind. Starting from what material to use, the place of installation and the overall length of the driveway etc. Anything but an easy task, plus a task that is bound to take its own share of time in getting close to completion. Whether you take help from services that have the provision of driveway construction in perth or do it on your own, you need to get the job done.

driveway with gate

Your property’s value can be improved by adding a new driveway and gate. It will create the right first impression of your home however all you do-it-yourself types out there, the starting point is in the design and this needs careful consideration.

Driveway safety needs your attention from the get-go and it’s important to follow the guidelines provided by the Australian Government so your design will not put your family and visitors in harms way. Other considerations that need attention before you get stuck in, will be what material to use, the place of installation and the overall length of the driveway etc. It’s fair to say the planning and design phase of your driveway is bound to take a fair chunk of your time.

Also what most people don’t realise, or rather neglect at the time of constructing their driveway, is the installation of the driveway gate; it needs to be planned and in most cases custom built at the same time you’re planning the layout of your driveway and both the gate and the driveway are best installed simultaneously. Accepting help from reliable service providers is highly recommended and in a state like Perth, Australia where most homes have driveways and a desire to renovate property, there are reliable operators whom have vast experience in Perth driveway construction. Of course if you’re a do-it-yourself type you could opt to do some or all of it on your own. So, without any further ado, here are some essential tips to keep in mind while installing a driveway gate:-

  • Search for that perfect spot: A place that allows your vehicle to leave, while waiting for the gate to open would be the ideal spot for your gate. Additionally, you will have to make space for the gate to fully open, as well as look around for any other obstructions in its path.
  • Thoroughly measure the distance between each of your posts: It is advised that you do this a couple of times, at the very least. Using chalk to mark your posts is also one way to go, plus you will need to measure the distance again once you put the posts in the post holes.
  • The importance of a level and plumb line: This is mainly because if the posts are not plumb, there is a higher chance of your gate not hanging properly. Take a good amount of time measuring the post distance repeatedly while you are in the process of filling concrete around each post.
  • An adjustable hinge: This will definitely make sure that if any tiny deviations from plumb occur, you will be able to compensate.
  • Leave your concrete stiff: In this regard, if the concrete ends up having too much of a soupy texture, you will be forced to brace your posts while they set.
  • Thorough preparation: Not only should you read all the necessary manuals well in advance, but also keep aside all the necessary tools and materials, a good month before you start work. That way, you can assess and even prepare against worst-case scenarios that may or may not occur in the future.

Ultimately, you need to realise that a driveway without a properly installed gate, is as good as nothing. Hence, you’ll be wise not to neglect the aspect of the driveway gate. Plus making completely sure of the fact that you start on the construction of both the driveway and the gate simultaneously. Well, if not simultaneously, then at least one after the other.

Only by doing that can you thoroughly plan out and execute each and every aspect, without making the mistake of overlooking small aspects. Certain blunders tends to occur, simply because of you not having thought of all the related logistics involving both the gate and the driveway and now you’re an expert you may want to consider tips on property renovation to add even more value to your home.