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6 Reasons To Use Ceiling Finishes In Your Next Home Renovation


Our eyes are subconsciously attracted to well-lit spaces within our periphery. Therefore in your home, you can create a favourable lasting impression on your guests with thoughtful design that includes skylights, lighting, and ceiling finishes.

Most homeowners understand the benefits of skylights and lighting but fail to appreciate how a ceiling upgrade can transform a room by making it lighter and brighter.

When you’re ready to refurbish a room, avoid focusing your interior design efforts only on walls, floors, and furniture. To wow prospective homebuyers and guests, also include a ceiling upgrade.

6 Reasons Ceiling Finishes Are Worthwhile

Is a ceiling makeover worth the investment? Read on for a few reasons why you should seriously consider ceiling finishes.

1) Adds Visual Interest

If you’ve looked at home interior design magazines, you’ll notice that the ceiling is often a focal point in images. Why? Its shape, height, material, or color can be attractive.

Therefore adding ceiling finishes such as faux-wood paneling or coffered ceilings can be a great way to elevate the room’s look. The added texture gives your space a unique aesthetic that’s noticeably different from conventional ceilings.

Why not create a great first impression with your ceiling, especially when it can make your room look more memorable than other homes? Plus, if you go further with your ceiling decoration by pairing it with the proper lighting, it can appeal to prospective homebuyers before viewing the rest of your home.

The harmony of the design won’t just delight your guests, but it will also make you feel like you’re living in a luxurious and sophisticated space.

2) An Affordable Upgrade

Modern ceiling finishes don’t have to resemble the styles you see in grand libraries, function halls, or universities. Many ceiling design choices, like the ones in ArchiPro, are relatively affordable and easy to install. For instance, a flat plasterboard ceiling can be upgraded with just some new paint and carefully placed lighting fixtures. You can also opt for a slightly more unique option by renovating your ceiling finish with some texture features, such as swirls and circles.

Did you know wallpapers are also a great way to add decorative flair to your ceiling and are convenient and budget-friendly? Renovators of older homes will use wallpaper on their ceilings to hide small plaster cracks.

3) It Hides Unsightly Areas

Ceiling finishes aren’t only used to improve the look of a room. One of its primary purposes is to help you hide the structural components of the building or home you’re staying in. It’s not uncommon for wiring, insulation, pipes, ductwork, and the like to be visible on the ceilings. The battens may also be noticeable if you live in the upper vicinity of your abode without ceiling finishes.

Some homeowners love the deconstructed look where all roof beams and battens are on display; however, by closing off the roof structure, you can add insulation and provide a nice aesthetic.


Fortunately, you can conceal all of them with some ceiling finishes. These finishes also don’t affect the various functionalities of the wiring and the like, keeping your home looking good and running smoothly.

4) Makes A Room Spacious

There are various ways you can make an illusion of a larger space. Some people opt for strategic placements of mirrors and windows, while others employ furniture pieces with hidden storage ideas.

Another helpful way to make a room look bigger is through ceiling finishes. Painting your ceiling or adding paneling can give it a lighter and airier look, making it feel much more spacious.

Tray ceiling finish designs

Similarly, you can choose ceiling finishes that increase the room’s height. For instance, tray ceiling finish designs are popular to enhance the room’s size with a raised center. A coved ceiling can also help achieve this, arching the ceiling to provide depth.

5) It Helps Control Light and Sound

A ceiling finish can help contain the travel distance of light and sound, which is useful when you want to tweak the brightness or noise levels in your home.

With the right ceiling finish, you can keep and shape the light in a more concentrated area, allowing for more control over your home’s appearance with the lights on or off.

The same thing goes for sound—with a ceiling finish, the noise created in one part of your home won’t travel to unintended places. This keeps noise levels more organized and pleasant for everyone in your abode.

6) It Protects You From Outside Elements

Ceiling finishes also come with key safety features that can benefit all households. For instance, a fire-resistant ceiling finish such as plasterboard can provide an extra layer of protection against accidental fires.

Furthermore, some ceiling finishes have properties that reduce the amount and severity of noise from outside sources.

If you’re living in an area with lots of traffic noise, a noise-resistant ceiling finish can help muffle the sound, making your home feel much more peaceful.
This also holds for cities that frequently rain, as the constant pitter-patter of raindrops can be blocked with the right ceiling finishes.