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6 Items On A Homebuyer’s Check List

homebuyers requirements

Homebuyers who have looked at many properties for sale are convinced they know exactly what their ideal home needs. However, often, they have not prioritized their wishlist, so finding a home is never easy for some homebuyers.

If you’re a prospective homebuyer, start by prioritizing these requirements. What is most important to you?

Most would say location; however, many homebuyers will compromise on site for the neighborhood or proximity to schools, shopping, and entertainment.

In this article, we look at what homebuyers want in their property.

1. Laundry

Today, homebuyers want a separate laundry. There was a trend to put the laundry appliances in the kitchen, but that has since passed, and now a separate laundry is on the homebuyers’ wish list.

A separate laundry room offers homeowners practical benefits like storage, mess containment, and noise reduction. It can also be used for ironing or hanging wet clothes like rain jackets.

Laundries enhance the value of homes and contribute to a more organized and efficient living space.

2. Security System

The second most wanted system on the wish list of many new home buyers is a security system. Homeowners want more from their security systems, too. The alarm sounding for a beak-in is no longer enough.

Security must come with cameras, video surveillance, and a mobile app. Unfortunately, it’s not just burglaries but criminals we want to keep out. Violent crime is rising, and homeowners are taking security seriously.

Did you know the best security systems can detect carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire?

This is another reason why home buyers want security systems. Homes now come with a garage attached and internal access, so if the car has been left, idling carbon monoxide will build up, and too much of it can be deadly.

3. Modern Kitchen

Did you know many homes are designed with the front door leading into the kitchen? This is why homebuyers’ first impressions of the interior can be underwhelming when the kitchen is tired and of a bad design.


You can blame this interior design on the mid-20th century when it was thought that having the front door open directly into the kitchen would allow for easy and convenient unloading of groceries now into the heart of the home.

Today, we have online grocery shopping, so there is no need to have the kitchen accessed from the front door.

We now want open-plan living with a kitchen leading to an indoor/outdoor entertainment area. The kitchen is a focal point and prominent.

Therefore, as homebuyers, we wish it to be modern and attractive, including the kitchen cabinets, which have a large footprint in any kitchen.

Some unique features to look for in cabinets include:

  • additional storage space – consider using the full height of ceiling-to-floor
  • soft close hinges
  • push open doors, i.e., no handles
  • innovative swing or pull-out pantry

4. Low-maintenance garden and Landscaping

Curb appeal can sell a home, or at a minimum, it will leave a good impression.

However, not everyone wants to spend time gardening, ensuring the garden is low maintenance and tidy.

Outdoor living is a must, so if you’re selling your home, adding indoor-outdoor flow will win over homebuyers keen to extend their enjoyment of enjoying meals outdoors.

5. Natural light

Lots of natural light is high on the list of priorities of homeowners. Skylights are popular, as well as bifold windows and doors.

When there is a lot of natural light, indoor plants thrive.  Additionally, it’s energy efficient and more visually appealing.

Did you know natural light is a good source of Vitamin D, which people need for good health and sleep?

Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune system function, and overall well-being, and as we spend a lot of time in our homes, we desire a lot of natural light to get it.

6. Smart Home Technology

Smart tech is everything from fast internet connectivity to fun IoT, including smart speakers, intelligent cooking appliances, and gadgets controlled by an app.


Final Words

Choosing a home is a significant decision that involves careful consideration of various factors. Create a list and prioritize the importance of each requirement.

Remember that buying a home is a significant investment, and taking the time to research and assess your options thoroughly can lead to a more satisfying and successful home purchase.