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6 Items On A Homebuyer’s Check List

Homebuyers who have looked at a lot of properties for sale know exactly what their ideal home needs. If you’re a prospective homebuyer, you too may agree with the following top 6 must-haves in a home.

1. Central HVAC System

A top feature that prospective home buyers want in a home is a central HVAC system. Many prospective home buyers consider this to be the most important feature of a home. One reason is that central heating plays a crucial role in temperature and humidity.

To remain a healthy home, it should neither be too hot and dry or cold and humid. With a central HVAC system, there isn’t the need for ACs or radiators in each room.

Homebuyers who know their HVAC systems will check it’s equipped with features such as an automatic timer and heating/cooling different rooms in the house at different temperatures.

2. Security System

The second most wanted system on the wish list of many new home buyers is a security system. Homeowners want more from their security systems too. The alarm sounding for a beak-in is no longer enough.

Security must come with cameras, aka video surveillance, and a mobile app. Unfortunately, it’s not just burglaries but criminals we want to keep out. Violent crime is rising and homeowners are taking security seriously.

Did you know the best security systems can detect carbon monoxide, as well as smoke and fire? This is another reason why home buyers want security systems. Homes now come with the garage attached and internal access, so if the car has been left, idling carbon monoxide will build up, and too much of it can be deadly.

3. Modern Kitchen

Did you know many homes are designed with the front door leading into the kitchen? This is why home buyers first impressions of the interior can be underwhelming when the kitchen is tired and of a bad design.

A quick fix before you sell your home or a recent homebuyer is to replace the cabinets, or if funds are tight, change the doors and drawers, but don’t go too cheap and stick to neutral colors.

The cottage-style kitchen cabinets are very popular because of the way they look and they are built to last.

Some special features to look for in cabinets include:

  • additional storage space – consider using the full height of ceiling to floor
  • cup holders
  • plate racks
  • innovative swing or pull out pantry

4. Low Maintenance Garden and Landscaping

Curb appeal can sell a home or at a minimum, it will leave a good impression.

However, not everyone wants to spend time gardening, making sure the garden is low maintenance and tidy. Outdoor living is a must, so if you’re selling your home, adding indoor-outdoor flow will win over homebuyers keen to extend their enjoyment to enjoy meals outdoors.


5. Laundry Room

Laundry rooms have grown in popularity throughout these last few years, so it’s no surprise that this is something most new home buyers want.

An earlier trend was to do away with the laundry room and put the washing machine and dryer in a cupboard or the kitchen. Today, the separate laundry room is a luxury homeowners desire.

6. Smart Home Technology

Smart tech is everything from fast internet connectivity to fun IoT including smart speakers, smart cooking appliances and gadgets that are controlled by an app.

Final Words

A homebuyer’s list of must-haves will include these items and more. With your home, modernize it within reason, so it’s healthy, and secure as well as a few features like great indoor-outdoor living – a homebuyer will thank you for it!

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