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5 Ways to Get More from your Kitchen Space


The kitchen is said to be the busiest room in the house. How large is your kitchen? Often it’s not just the size of the room but how the kitchen has been designed that makes it almost unworkable.

When there’s time and resources to renovate a room – the kitchen is usually top of the list. Design, especially in small spaces, doesn’t come easy to most people, so in this blog post, we present five ideas to maximise the space in your kitchen.

From creating more storage space and making room for a table to adding a few extra shelves for your pots and pans, read on for some great solutions that will help make being in the kitchen more enjoyable.

1) Add Shelving

The first way to get the most out of your kitchen is by adding some shelving! This not only creates room for extra items, but it also can make things easier when cooking. While your kitchen may have wall hung cabinets, there’s always empty wall space from floor to ceiling.

Observe your kitchen objectively by taking a few photos on your smartphone. You’ll see wall space you didn’t realise existed.

Imagine all that unused space right up to the ceiling. With additional shelving, you will store glassware, a dinner set, and some more excellent decorative items, including a hanging plant and a herb box.

Shelving can be cut to size, too and observing your photos, and you can visualize where the shelving can hang.

We recommend installing shelves on all walls that don’t prevent cabinet doors from opening. Use free-standing shelving units, too, if you can squeeze them in – they will also give your kitchen the fitted and finished look even if it’s not a custom build.

Another tip is to increase the number of shelves within cupboards to increase storage space for your mugs, plates, pans etc.

2) Hang Utensils, Pots, Pans, Cups

Do you have ample ceiling space to hang some cooking utensils? Create that professional home cook space like a small commercial kitchen by hanging utensils, pots, pans from the ceiling on hooks or wire.

There are many innovative products for achieving this outcome, so you get to use that space between your head height and the ceiling. You may also get a set of mugs up on hooks on the wall. Now you’ve got a lot more in cupboards!

3) Organise & Declutter

The third best way to get more out of your kitchen space is by having a spring clean. Like the other rooms in a home, the kitchen can accumulate items that are seldom used. Organise every cupboard and drawer. Store the items you seldom use in another room, like an attic, shed or garage. Also, decide to sell or give away the kitchen items you never use.


4) Add An Island In The Middle Of The Kitchen

Most kitchens are designed with units and worktops on the walls. The centre of the room is often open, with a table being a feature in many kitchen/ diners. A great way to make better use of your kitchen space would be to get an island unit. This idea works for larger square kitchens. There are many varieties of islands, and they can store a lot and add more bench space. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, get an island on wheels so you can move it around.

5) Add Seating To Your Kitchen

Adding seating to your kitchen is a great way of turning your kitchen into more than just a place where food is made. It’s great for hosting and entertaining. Use benches or stools so they can be moved out of the way when not in use. The stools can also work with your island unit turning it into a dining space.

Summing Up

Homeowners can be blind to how spaces really look – i.e. can not see the wood for the trees. Taking photos presents the space as it is, and you can objectively work out how to use the space more effectively. The kitchen is one area that can do with decluttering regularly and you’ll never regret renovating the busiest room in the house.

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