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5 Tips to hunting for the perfect house in Ohio in the fall

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Ohio, the home of buckeye trees and beautiful weather, is a great place to settle down and raise a family. It boasts of eye-catching landscapes and gorgeous lakes. Lake Erie, for instance, is a site to behold. On its shores lies the stunning city of Cleveland, the home of rock ‘n’ roll. Fall is the best time to buy a home, this according to a thorough analysis of data collected over the period of 15 years.

Here are 5 tips that will guide you during your Ohio home-hunting in the fall:

1. There is less competition

Most homebuyers prefer fishing for homes during summer. Buying a home in the fall automatically gives you the upper hand since competition for available houses is eliminated. Buyers who fail to close by the end of summer normally prefer waiting till the next year to continue looking. This gives fall buyers the chance to roam open houses and choose the cream of the crop. You can now get homes for sale in Dayton Ohio at a great price.

2. The upcoming holidays offer great opportunities

Home sellers are frequently filled with joy at the beginning of the year. This is when people are looking for homes and sales are good. However, things start slowing down when fall arrives. Sellers also get worn out and start setting up plans for thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday celebrations. If they wish to settle down and spend this time with their families, they need to close fast. You can take advantage of this pre-holiday window by offering to buy a home and vacate quickly if they agree to cut a deal.

3. Utilize your real estate team

As the year comes to a halt and homebuyers recede, real estate agents and lawyers get more time on their plate. You can get their undivided attention during this time. Ask as many questions as possible regarding title transfers, ownership requirements, due diligence and similar issues. They’ll gladly help you out without getting the distasteful feeling that you’re twisting their arms for free consultation services.

4. End of year tax credits

Buying a home in Ohio during the fall will not only end your home search on a high note, but it will also allow you to enjoy incredible deals. Such deals normally arise just before the fiscal year ends. The nice perks you get in the form of tax deductions include lower property tax, closing costs and mortgage interests. However, it’s also important to keep tabs on the prevailing interest rates before buying your house. The rates keep on falling as the Fall progresses, so ensure that you close when these rates are very low.

5. Exciting home improvement deals

After you’ve closed the perfect home, you might desire to buy new furniture and appliances. Good news is, the most incredible deals occur in November and December. You can get discounts on washing machines, fridges, stoves, dryers and a plethora of major appliances. So once you’ve settled down, check your remaining finances and purchase what you need at discounted rates.

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