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4 Tips For Starting A Career In Real Estate Sales

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Successful entrepreneurs say to do well in life, and you need to ‘do what you love’.

When you love your job, it’s no longer just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Successful real estate agents have to love what they do, as the job can not be done during usual work hours Monday to Friday. Therefore it takes a special person to work unsociable hours, i.e. on weekends while their family and friends are socializing.

Not Just A Sales Role

Selling a property is also more than just the usual sales role. You can not leave your sales job in retail on Friday and be an estate agent the following Monday. Successful real estate agents generate revenue in the millions, driving around in luxury cars and generally providing the perception that their job is glamorous and easy.

However, in a sales role, the perception of success is necessary as it gives clients confidence in your skills and know-how.


The role is a lot more than looking good. With the gift of the gab, the agent must have in-depth knowledge of relevant legal contracts, localized sales data, and the real estate sales life cycle. Therefore if you’re considering a move into real estate, be aware of the hard work required to deal with the steep learning curve.

The upside is of a career in real estate is the financial reward and it doesn’t take that long to become a licenced agent.

For example, you’ll learn more during your first year with on the job training and mentoring than you did during your entire time studying to become an agent.

Tips From Seasoned Real Estate Agents

Make sure you get a mentor and learn from their experiences, including their mistakes. Here are a few tips from seasoned real estate agents on how to expedite your journey from rookie to high achieving salesperson.

1. Learn the Local Area Inside Out

While you may try and sell every property you come across, it’s often better to become a master of your local area. This means driving around, learning city areas that others may overlook, and even becoming familiar with neighborhoods and subdivisions.

When you become a local expert, you’ll advance your career by:

  • Knowing local inventory
  • Recommending ideal locations per the buyer’s needs
  • Assist buyers better

If you know the local area better than anyone else and can recommend homes that you know people will love based on their preferences, you’ll sell homes faster.

2. Care About People First

It’s easy to chase a sale, and when you follow this mindset, you’ll find that you start caring less about people and more about the money you’ll make. If you want to boost your sales and build a name for yourself, you’ll want to switch your mindset.

You want to focus on making the buyer happy, and learn to care about people rather than making a sale.


When you genuinely want the best for a person, it will show when you stay in touch with your clients and help them find ‘their forever’ home.

3. You’re Not in a Career

You’re building up your brand, selling homes and making money. But when you first enter the field, it’s easy to think about the short-term. Yes, you’re becoming a realtor, but you’re the business.

You should think of yourself as an entrepreneur because you are.

People will learn your name, and others will recommend your services. Yes, you may work for a real estate company, but people choose you because of your skills. If you build up your reputation, you can transfer to any real estate company and still have a wealth of leads available at any time.

4. Focus on Technology for Leads

Technology is going to help you with everything, from taking pictures to electronic signatures that allow a buyer and seller to sign documents rapidly. Incorporating these technologies can help streamline your business and impresses your clients.

But it would help if you also were using technology to build your network and generate leads.

Celebrity Status

Personal branding is big in the real estate industry, and this can all be done online. Be active on social media. Let your friends, neighbors and everyone else know that you’re a real estate agent who will be able to help them find their next property.

Remember you are the ‘brand’, and you know you’re on the right track to gaining an excellent brand when locals recognize you when you’re out and about in the community. In much the same way as a celebrity works hard to become a household name, so should a real estate agent.

Over time, you’ll be able to benefit from a strong online presence where people come directly to you when buying or selling a property.