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Tips On Making Small Rooms Seem Bigger

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When you live in a small home or an apartment, you are accustomed to smaller spaces. Most of the world’s population lives in cities, and the older the area, the smaller the abodes. Consider the size of homes in Europe and the UK, with an average size of circa 90 square meters.

In the world’s largest cities, apartments or condos are generally much smaller than standalone homes in suburban areas. So, does the size of the house dictate how liveable it is? Not as often as you might believe.

Interior design and architecture focus on function and aesthetics, meaning features in a room need to be functional, take up a small footprint, and look good. However, these high-value products usually come with an equally high price tag many consumers can not afford.

One trick you’ll see often used in smaller homes is pocket doors, aka cavity sliders, over the usual hinged door. Pocket doors slide into an internal cavity that doubles as a wall. These doors have a much smaller footprint than the traditional hinged doors and are a great way to grab back some space. For example, the cavity can be between two rooms, so when the door is recessed, i.e., within the cavity or pocket, it’s like an invisible door until you use it! It’s such a great trick.

In this property talk article, we have some more fun, sneaky tips and tricks for making a small room seem much bigger.

Sneaky Design Tips and Tricks

1.) Use Area Rugs To Your Advantage

Area rugs are incredible for helping define a space. An open-plan room can look small without designated use areas or seem a lot larger, and rugs provide visual boundaries where there are no physical walls. Rugs also offer soft furnishings that finish the look, enhance comfort, and often also add sophistication. Similarly, a large area rug can make a small space appear larger.

2.) Let colours help you give depth to a room

Very light colours like white, light grey, and blue, or very dark colours, help create contrast in a room, giving it depth and making it look larger. It may seem tempting, as they are very pretty, but medium paint shades will take away the needed depth and cause a room to look even smaller. Go towards the light or dark; don’t go in between.

3.) Get multi-functional furniture

Find baskets that fit the decor of your home you are going with that you can store things in, invest in furniture that can be used as seating areas, and also open and store things. If you can keep all of your blankets, pillows, and other little knick-knacks out of the way, clutter will be eliminated, keeping the room empty and spacious.

4.) Get a good set of curtains

Invest in curtains that go above the windows and reach all the way down to the floor. Having curtains that go from the floor to the ceiling will instantly make the ceilings look higher up, meaning your room will instantly look larger. This is a quick and inexpensive way, if you know where to look, to give a room a major facelift, making it look doubly as large as it is.

5.) Use large pieces of furniture instead of minor items

If you try to fill a small space with a ton of small decorative pieces trying to fill the room up, then it can start looking cluttered, annoying, and even smaller than it is. Instead of having small pieces everywhere, give the room a chance to breathe and have a few more significant things here and there that highlight the room. Having a few more oversized items will also give the illusion that there is more space than there is, which tricks the eye into thinking that the room is more significant than it is.

6.) Hang large art pieces

If your living space is small, but you want something to put on the walls and add a little flare to the room, go for a piece of art or something like a large wall mirror instead of several small pieces bunched together and stick with decorating just one wall of the room. Decorating just one wall instead of all of them will keep your room from feeling cluttered and starting to look like the walls are closing in and getting tight. Large-scale art on one wall of the room will give your eyes a great focal point and help make the room look more extensive at the same time.

7.) Show off the legs

At one time, beds and sofas had skirts covering their legs. While this is still a popular look and can look elegant and sophisticated, it can also cause your room to look boxy. Instead of getting furniture with skirts around the legs, opt for furniture with exposed legs. It will give you the illusion of having extra space.


These tips will allow a small room to look much bigger than it is. Square footage is what you make of it! So please make the most of it and give the illusion that you have more than you do. And remember, less is more!