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Winter Preparations: 5 Things to Do Right Now If You Want to List Your Home in Spring

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Are you looking to list your home this spring?

Don’t waste time this winter! There are plenty of things you can do now to get your home ready to sell. Knowing where to start though can be daunting.

Fear not! Read on for our 5 things you can do this winter to make sure you are ready to secure that spring sale.

1. Your Home’s Condition

You don’t want to get caught short for any major and minor repairs. The little details are going to make a huge difference. Is the paint chipped or unfinished? Is the woodwork outside worn and tired? Is it move in ready?

For many young families, they will be looking for something to move in to with minimal work. Anything you think needs a repair, try to get done.

2. Declutter

There is no shame in spring cleaning early! Clearing space and doing those projects that have you’ve put off takes time, so start small. Think about what you can do now to declutter and make space.

Go through one room at a time and decide what to keep based on when you last used it or touched it. Remove personal items and excessive furniture to maximize space. It will also help viewers visualize living there. Learn more here about decluttering.

3. Add Freshness and Brightness

Are your wall colors or furniture too dark? Is the wallpaper old and dated? Is the carpet worn out and can it do with replacing?

Picking the right colors for a room is important. A simple way to brighten a room is to neutralize the room with a light beige or grey color with white trims and ceilings. This will give a crisp, clean and modern look to your rooms.

4. Don’t Forget Your Garden

If you want your garden to be lush and green come the spring, you’re going to need to set up your good foundations now. Plan out your garden now.

Get your plants and jazz up patio areas, decking or balconies with some pots and boxes. Put your manure down now (before your buyers arrive!). If you prepare now, you will have a lush garden come spring to wow your buyers with.

5. Wow Factor

Taking these steps to create a move in ready home is a great start. But buyers are going to be looking for an emotional connection. They want to picture their belongings in your home.


Staging your home is important. It needs to be minimalist but lived in and a modern feel is often more appreciated.

Neutral colors on the walls will provide a backdrop to make your items stand out. Use pops of color, modern furniture and accents to make that lasting impression.

Prepare in Winter Before You List Your Home

If you follow our tips, you will put yourself in the perfect position before you list your home for a spring sale. The winter can take its toll on our homes, so make sure to check condition inside and out.

Keep things fresh, bright and minimal but don’t declutter too much, it still needs to feel and look like a home. For more advice on how to prepare your home for listing, check out our blog. At PropertyTalk, we’ve got your back when it comes to selling your home!

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