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Whole house water filtration: Is it worth it?

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Why would homeowners consider a whole house water filtration system? Well, the quality of the water that comes out of household taps is not what it used to be. There are more chemicals in it and our knowledge of the how harmful these chemicals are to our health, has not only improved, it’s shared in the public domain particularly on blogs and social media.

The Chemicals

Chlorine and fluoride offer good and bad outcomes. Once again Fluoride has been debated extensively on blogs and in social media and at town meetings. However with little to no control of its addition to water, homeowners are taking control over what they’re drinking by fitting water filters on taps.

There is one system that’s gaining momentum, that is the whole house water filtration. So what is it and is it a better solution for the homeowner than the ubiquitous individual tap system?

Water that comes out of your household taps has already been through a treatment plant and adheres to water treatment standards. This ensures it is ‘safe’ for household use. In treatment chemicals are added and like a double edge sword they do both good and bad.


As mentioned there’s Chlorine which is a toxic chemical doing good by killing bacteria and harm with some people suffering health issues including breathing difficulty, chest pains, eye irritation and of course in high doses it can kill you.


Fluoride is added to the water as research indicates it gives you stronger teeth. Unfortunately there is also a link between fluoride and an increased risk of cancer. That should be enough to make you think twice!

Water traveling from the treatment plant to your home can also pick up nasties and this is why there’s a rise in popularity of whole house filter systems says Filtap. The simplicity of treating the whole house via one system is also attractive to the homeowner. Inspection and maintenance of the one system more straightforward and often without the call out of a third party service provider.

Whole House Filtration System

With regular water filters the pipe work under every faucet is adjusted and each system has a filter that needs regular replacement. With whole house filtration systems one large filter installed usually in the basement of the home.

The single system is much easier to maintain as the homeowner can inspect it visually and physically. It is also much easier to change filters and do any other maintenance.

Of course if you don’t have a basement you can choose any location; the filter simply needs to be undercover and near where your water supply enters your property. Ideally this location should be as low as possible and protected from the coldest weather. This will ensure it keeps working day after day; giving you the clean and safe water you deserve.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the whole house system is that you can choose the size to suit your needs and then find the space to install it. This means your water flow and usage can remain the same.


Water filtration has come a long way over the years and as we get more knowledgable about the importance of water quality, businesses work hard on the R&D and improve the systems that remove the nasties. Prospective house hunters will also consider a filtration system as a must have and are likely to pay more a property that has it so it’s an incentive to homeowners to consider installation as a value add.


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