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Blogging Tips For Property Tradies Like Plumbers

talk plumbing on blog

Blogging is for every business in the age of digital marketing and that includes property industry tradies like electricians and plumbers.

Yes, you may be wondering: but what do tradies have to talk about on a website blog that people would find interesting? Well, just about everything as we all live in houses and use plumbers and electricians particularly when things go wrong.

On your property website add blog articles that include handy tips on how to prevent major maintenance or replacement of electrical wiring, water pipes, etc as well as the sharing photos and videos of major works that may result from a weather event like a hurricane are often very captivating.

Here are a couple of tips to improve your blog:

1. Share On-The-Job Experiences

As mentioned earlier, no two days are the same for property maintenance experts. While there are property call outs for similar issues like burst pipes or faulty wiring, the day will also have more interesting challenges and it is these jobs that are worth sharing on your blog.

Also share the common errors homeowners make and provide helpful tips to prevent them from becoming repair or replacement jobs. Here is an interesting Electricians tips and tricks blog. It has four years of blog posts archives on everything that can and will go wrong in the home and how to put it right. On a smaller scale, Northridge Plumber has taken the step to educate its audience too, with posts on the warning signs of pipe leaks.

Both of these examples show how easy it is to generate content on websites of businesses that are not corporate. All blog posts be shared on social media, create a trend and thus become viral with many people sharing and liking what they see. During this time of popularity, visitors are visiting the blogs and the traffic to the website is good for business.

2. Teach Through Images and Video

Our strongest sense is visual so share images and video on your blog to educate, inform and in some cases entertain. Going back to one of our previous examples, telling readers about warning signs of plumbing leaks would have been a much better resource with the inclusion of:

  •         Images
  •         Videos
  •         Diagrams

If you’re going to teach, it’s recommended to go the extra mile and make sure that your content has the appropriate ‘media’ i.e. images etc included. Why? Media not only helps a reader visualize the problem and solution, social media shares will increase when more media is added into the mix.

3. Writing and Posting Isn’t Enough

If you think writing a post and posting it to your blog is enough, you’re most likely wrong, at least until you’ve reach ‘influencer’ status in social media. Some promotion will be required unless you already have a massive social media following that gains attention all on its own. Check out this hashtag #plumbing to see plumbers that are active on Twitter.

What statistics show is that bloggers have “strong results” will engage in two methods of promotion:

  •         Outreach to influencers
  •         Paid promotion

Both of these promotional methods will help a blog post gain attention. It’s also a great way to begin to network with others in your industry and possibly land guest posting opportunities.

4. Refresh What Works Well

Previous content that may have worked well may have started to lose traction. Perhaps the content is now outdated. Instead of allowing these posts that once had a lot of traction, lose appeal refresh the content.

  •         Update the information to make it more relevant.
  •         Add in images and video.
  •         Edit the article as needed.

Blogging is fun, and easy to do and it has a huge influence online particularly with organic search. Give it go and check out our posts for structure and tips.

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