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Where To Buy A Luxury Property In Dubai – 10 HotSpots


It’s always a good time to buy assets like property, and there are ten hotspots in Dubai, UE.

You may be wondering why you’d purchase a property in Dubai and if you’re going to get value for your money.

Why Dubai?

Dubai has a lot going for it. From a lifestyle viewpoint, what’s not to love about living in Dubai.

What encourages many people to buy homes offshore is the weather. Dubai has arguably the most favorable climate all year round. If you love dry heat, then Dubai is for you.

The weather

During the summer season, the temperature is rarely below 30 degrees celsius. While this may not appeal to you at the luxury end of the housing market, your villa or apartment will come with a pool or rights to use one.

Plus, for anyone used to living in the UK or anywhere in the northern hemisphere nearer the arctic circle, Dubai’s winter will please you with a low of 14 degrees Celsius and highs in the low twenties.

It does rain in Dubai, most of it happening from December to March while still retaining a warm temperature.

Expect a few sandstorms that can last a couple of days, and temperatures vary if you’re inland or coastal.

Another great reason to move to Dubai or invest in a property there is the infrastructure – it’s top-notch!

Expect first-class education and healthcare. Plus roading and public transport are also impressive. Being a new city helps, and getting around Dubai is intuitive and safe.

Low crime

There’s an excellent reason Dubai is safe for women and men to walk around, with stricter laws and diligent law enforcement officers.

Definitely do your research on socially acceptable etiquette when in bars and other public areas.


No tax

Yes, you read it correctly – there are no taxes on your income and expenses. No VAT, no income tax, so you can get used to receiving and spending your entire gross income!

Top Ten Locations

So without further delay let’s look at ten of the top locations to buy a property in Dubai

Some of the locations include:

  • Dubai Downtown
  • Al Barari
  • Emirates Hills
  • Umm Sequim
  • Palm Jumeriah

Along with most top cities worldwide, Dubai has also experienced escalating property values, with some areas growing 30% or more since Covid. However, there are affordable apartments for sale, but in this property blog post, we’re interested in the top locations for luxury villas and other types of property.

Luxury environments include indoor and outdoor spaces and landscapes. Creating a city in the desert, especially one with its fair share of green spaces for sports, recreation, family entertainment, and exercise, takes time and investment. Dubai now has a dozen golf courses, parks, and lakes.

New buildings must be low carbon and green buildings. The priority if Dubai and indeed all of the United Arabs Emirates is to reach its goal to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Al Barari

A popular area for luxury real estate is the area of Al Barari. Why? Well, remember Dubai is a city in the desert, yet AlBarari is eighty percent green with over 1500 plant species. Some of its neighborhoods include Woodland Gardens and the Mediterranean.

Dubai Downtown

Living in luxury in this area surely confirms you’ve reached a pinnacle in your standard of living. Enriched with culture and green landscapes and venues like the Opera, an ice rink, Burj Khalifa, and amazing shopping complexes. Dubai Downtown is a tourist hotspot. Luxury properties are everywhere, and it’s a showcase for some of the world’s best examples of architecture and engineering.

Dubai Marina

Another fan favorite is the Dubai Marina. It’s a visual feast of luxury yachts, outdoor dining and leisure walks, and water sports.
Expats love Dubai Marina for its variety, ambiance, and family-friendliness.

Palm Jumeriah

A favorite with sun lovers, Palm Jumeriah is also an excellent example of radical engineering. It is made up of man-made islands offering beachfront property. The islands are made of sand and rock, not concrete. The sand is not from the desert but dredged and transported from the seafloor of the Persian Gulf. This is a neighborhood where its inhabitants enjoy privacy, and it’s sustainable too. If you get to visit it – try to view it from above. It really is an awe-inspiring sight.

Jumeirah Golf Estate

Love golf? This is a destination for all golf lovers, and it has many luxury properties. Jumeirah Golf Estate is also a favorite with people who love the outdoors for all types of sports recreation.

Summing Up

Dubai is synonymous with luxury and great weather. There are many neighborhoods to consider when relocating to this hotspot.  It’s a city that attracts millions of tourists from every corner of the globe.

Pre-Covid there were 15.93 million visitors which is amazing when you consider just Dubai’s population is 3.3 million.   The focus on building greener and sustainable is resonating with homebuyers and investors who are discerningly eco-conscious.

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