What’s The Best Time Of Year To Move House?

field of sunflowersWhen it comes to moving house, you do have an element of choice. In the midst of all of the inevitable chaos that ensues, it’s easy to forget that. This is something that you are volunteering to do, which means you can control aspects of it – even if the process does drive you crazy from time to time!

One of the choices you have is the time of year that you move. Unless you have to suddenly move due to unforeseen circumstances, this is a decision most of us have control over. Before you make a choice, it’s worth considering the pros and cons of each time of year.

Spring / Summer

Pros –

  • Weather will be improving, so you don’t have to worry about adverse conditions to battle through in the moving process.
  • You will have more hours of daylight, which – while not actually the case – can make you feel like you have more time in the day. This can help reduce the stresses of moving.
  • This is a time of year when many students are giving up their student properties as the school years winds down for summer. The more properties there are around for both renters and buyers, the better the market.

Cons –

  • This is a popular time to move, so you might have to wait awhile for things to process as they normally would. That means you’d need to ensure you scheduled everything on your pre-move checklist, from your legal process to your check from the likes of early to make sure things get done as they need to.
  • As it’s a popular time, there might be more competition for small apartments and houses.
  • Later in the summer, the competition for family-sized homes will increase. Many parents like to move around this time during their summer break, so their kids can be settled in prior to the new school term, so keep this in mind.
  • There are a few “big” holidays through this period. As details, Christmas and New Year. You need to make sure you are comfortable with these possibly being disrupted due to your move.

Autumn / Winter

Pros –

  • As fewer people move during these months, you shouldn’t be held in a backlog as much.
  • The weather might be cooler, but that can be an advantage. Carrying boxes and struggling with furniture is hot, thirsty work, which can be made worse if the sun is also beating down on you.
  • It’s easier to take time off work during this period, as there are few big national celebrations and fewer people wanting time off to go on their summer holidays.

Cons –

  • Less daylight means that you might not be able to assess new properties as you would during spring/summer. Always try and ensure you have at least three daytime viewings to make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re buying. It might be difficult when it’s dark at 5pm to manage this, so make sure you leave enough space in your schedule.
  • The weather may cause issues with moving, though this does have a regional flavour. If you generally have a mild winter, this can be less of a consideration for you.

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