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Top Four Places to Live in Spain Right Now

Living In a Spain

Spain is a beautiful place to live, and it’s not just the food attracting immigrants from every part of the globe. The low cost of living in Spain for a lavish lifestyle is a crowd-pleaser. The temperate weather with all-year-round sun attracts northern Europeans like bees to honey. The country has fantastic food markets, friendly people, and unique architecture.

Spend time in different areas of Spain before planning a future move to the country, as there are some hidden gems not on the usual tourist map, including Cudillero in the rural area of Costa Verde of Asturias.

Of course, there are also notable cities if city life is a must for you.

Below is our list of some of the top places to live in Spain, and from these places, you can venture out as a tourist to the more remote locations of Spain. Here’s what you need to know!

1. Mallorca

Located in Mallorca, Spain, is a town called Soller. Soller is a great place to live because you have two beaches to choose from that you can live by. Soller also provides a pleasant family atmosphere.

You can enjoy locally sourced foods in the restaurants and the markets. If townhouses and narrow streets within a Mediterranean town are your cups of tea, then Soller in Mallorca is the place for you!

Check out some tips from Soller Properties before making your final decision.

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best places for expats to live in. Several communities here are ex-pat communities. This gives you plenty of opportunities to meet people you can relate to.

The ocean is nearby, and the city is filled with coworking spaces for the entrepreneur in you. If you love staying active, you’ll also enjoy the hiking, paddle boarding, biking, and other fun activities Barcelona offers.

3. Granada

Granada is one of the smaller cities on the list and will work well for you if you enjoy peace most days. Here in Granada, don’t let its small-city vibes keep you from thinking it has plenty to offer. On one side of the city, you have the beach.

On the other side, you have the mountains. This gives you the right mix between laying out on the sand and relaxing and hiking through the mountains.

4. Madrid

Madrid is perfect for those who like to dabble in the arts! The theatre is a big topic in Madrid; you can enjoy shows and concerts frequently when living here.


The nightlife here is also lively for those who like to be out on the scene. You’ll also be given plenty of food options while residing here, so you’ll never go hungry!

Have You Been to These Best Places to Live in Spain?

If you’ve been to Spain, you’ve probably been to one or more of these places. Ideally, you’ve also had the opportunity to see more of the country off the popular tourist destinations.

The pandemic has given us time to consider what’s essential in life, and you’d be forgiven for thinking of a move for lifestyle and a slower pace of life. To get yourself in the mindset, do the Camero de Santiago. The pilgrimage can take as long as eight weeks but it sets you up to view the rest of Spain with fresh eyes.

Exploring each city or town and getting a feel for them yourself is a smart move before deciding on a permanent location.

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