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How Can an Online Mortgage Broker Help You?

Wondering if using a mortgage broker is the right choice for you? Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever have to make. While saving money and finding deals yourself might sound like an appealing option, remember the sheer amount you’ll be borrowing. Getting a property isn’t like buying a holiday, […]

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Smart and Effective Ways to Get a Cheaper Mortgage

Most people who have worked at the same company for two years and have a minimum credit score of 600 can qualify for a mortgage. Financial experts suggest buying a home over renting because it is a long-term investment that yields equity as well as property, which can be used as collateral. On the other […]

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Understanding How the Home Affordable Refinance Program Work

Many individuals run into financial struggles from time to time. Prior to the availability of home loan modification and refinance programs, borrowers had few options for getting caught up or getting support if they faced difficulty making their monthly mortgage payment. However, new programs have changed this. The Home Affordable Refinance Program, commonly known as […]

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Facts You Should Know About REITs

Did you know that according to Forbes, the real estate industry ranks third after Finance and Investment, and Investment and Retail in making wealth worldwide? Indeed, the popularity of this industry is no mistake, and you may have come across the term Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs.) Investors enjoy payouts that grow steadily, making it […]

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Top Six Reasons People With Money May Want A Reverse Mortgage

Reverse mortgage loans are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who are looking to make some changes to their financial situation. These types of loans always have their own eligibility criteria, but you generally need to be a senior citizen aged 62 or older. However, the loan is secured by the FHA and also serves as […]

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How to Boost Your Chances of Getting a Home Loan

Do you dream of owning your own home? If so, you may also think about home financing and wonder if it’s going to be easy or hard to get. Today, we want to share information about how to boost your chances of getting a home loan. Since few people are able to pay for homes […]

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Home Ownership For Low Earners: Is It Still Possible?

In all honesty, there’s no getting around the fact that buying a house can often seem like a privilege for the privileged. If you have money, either from your income or family, homeownership is easy enough to achieve. Some privileged individuals even go as far as buying many properties to either rent out or use […]

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What Happens If Your Default On a Mortgage Loan?

When you apply for a mortgage loan, it’s usually hard to predict the unexpected. You could lose your ability to make your monthly mortgage payments due to an illness, job loss or other problem. When this happens, you’re likely to get a foreclosure on your home. In most cases, you and your lender will sign […]

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