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Spend Christmas Away From Home

Christmas season

Christmas is almost upon us, and many of us are planning to spend the holiday season at home with our families, enjoying waking up in our own bed and running down the stairs to see what’s under the tree. However, many people actually are opting to spend christmas in another part of the world entirely.

There are plenty of different options for Christmas, you could rent a cottage with your family and spend the week of christmas decorating the cottage and getting ready for day, rent Invitation Homes and spend more of a chilled out Christmas with just your immediate family, or go backpacking and get away from the whole thing.

The advantages to being away for Christmas first of all is that you don’t have to stress about the build up to the big day and worry about having the right presents, or having enough food and drink for everyone visiting. It will become much less stressful as you don’t worry about the preparations. Because of this it will also be much cheaper, which can be helpful if you are on a strict budget already.

Renting a cottage in the countryside with your closest family will guarantee that you don’t have to spend the festivities with distant family members you don’t really know or don’t get on with at all.It will be a lovely way to spend you christmas and you can have fun with the family members you really love. Play games, eat great food and get drunk. What could be better? It also means that you can avoid that argument between family members each year of who will be hosting the big day. By taking everyone away to a neutral location, everyone is equal and there is less chance of arguments breaking out. You can make sure everyone brings something with them: whether that be the tree, baubles, turkey, side dishes, festive movies… give everyone a role and then you will be able to create your own perfect family christmas between you all. Spend the first night you arrive decorating the tree and watching christmas movies, and then spend the rest of the holiday completing family traditions, playing games, and enjoying the big day.

If you opt for spending Christmas in a totally different part of the world- one advantage is that you will be able to come back with some incredible stories. All over the world people celebrate different things, but if you go somewhere that celebrates Christmas you may find that the traditions they have are hugely different to our own. You’ll be able to come home with a broader mind and have experienced a totally different culture and lifestyle. And maybe you will find some amazing gifts for each of your family members which will be a constant reminder that you went on this incredible journey, but that you still thought about them while you were away. You could spend the big day eating foreign food, celebrating with a friend and exploring the world.

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