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Moving Out: 5 Reasons to leave the Family Nest

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Many people are scared to move on from the comfortable nest of their parents’ house. Having to pay their bills, cook, clean and maintain a property are all scary prospects for those coming of age. However, there comes a time when you must stand on your own two feet. To help you finally cut the apron strings, here are the top five reasons to leave the family nest.

1. Give Freedom Back to Your Parents

While you are out socializing and enjoying your life, your parents are at home washing your clothes, cleaning your dishes and paying bills on your behalf. It may be time to show your parents how thankful you are for all their help over the years by moving out. It will provide your Mom and Dad with more freedom to live their lives, and it will provide you with an opportunity to show them you can be a responsible adult.

2. You Can Move Anywhere

Do you dream of starting a life in a new destination? Nothing will make you feel more alive and independent than not only moving out the parental home but starting fresh in a new location. The US provides many exciting cities and towns that you would be proud to call home. So, if you want to leave the family home, move to a flourishing US city; for example, why not resettle in the nations capital with a DC apartment?

3. Living with Your Parents is Unattractive

Living with your parents can be a big deterrent when dating. Unfortunately, people will view it as a major red flag, meaning you could scare away a potential partner. Most men and women want to date motivated people, and living with your parents beyond college may prove you’re not ready to enter an adult relationship.

4. It Will Be Harder the Longer You Leave It

According to development psychologists, your twenties will be the most formative decade of your life. The accomplishments and habits you make may ultimately determine your future success. If you are living at home with your parents, you will not be making your own choices or enjoying independence, which can make you more dependent on Mom and Dad. Stop telling yourself you will move out eventually and act now. The longer you put off leaving the family nest, the harder it will be to move on.

5. You Will Enjoy More Personal Freedom

It doesn’t matter if your Mom and Dad are respectful of your space, those living with their parents simply won’t enjoy the same freedom as the rest of us do. You will not be able to invite people over, play loud music or come in at any hour at night. Moving into your own home will, therefore, provide you with more freedom than you have ever had before, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t move sooner.

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