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Save Time and Money Using Construction Project Management Software


You being a construction manager will surely agree that the 90% of your projects go over budget, time and schedule. As per a recent study, show that construction professionals spend more than 5.5 hours a day in meetings and conference calls. These industry professionals need to find time to increase their productivity but at the same time finding the right balance between communications, face to face and production. The industry lacks the right tool aimed at addressing these issues, so searching for the right software might be troublesome.

Technological advancements that include 3D printing, robotics and construction project management software is all set to transform the industry by enhancing the workflows and maintaining a project within stipulated time and budget.

Benefits of Construction Software

A good construction project management software enhances productivity while diminishing mistakes and communication gaps. Some of the key features a construction management software brings are:

  • Improves communication and reduces errors caused due to illegible handwriting, jargons etc.
  • Links field office to your HQ by integrating mobility and on-the-go tools
  • Manages documents, RFIs, punch lists, drawings, photos, etc.
  • Having a central hub used to share documents and project progress
  • Reduce the need for multiple platforms such as reporting, accounting, and other functionalities
  • Unique project deck with authorized users per project
  • Cost, risk, and schedule managed under one single program

How to Acquaint Your Team with New Software

We have always done it that way! You have heard this so understanding the value of the new software requires team integration and further training. The first step of getting the socialization process of new software is creating a team that can define project requirements and receive their input as end users. The so-called SME or software SPOC serves as a liaison coordinating integration of the new product into your system and gaining buy-in from other team members. This team will answer and troubleshoot questions and concerns related to the new software creating training sessions showcasing the specific benefits of using the new tool. The team needs to have reporting flexibility and cost tracking that facilitates project schedule and reduces construction costs. One task that today takes a few hours to complete will only take minutes with the new software.

Why Make the Switch?

There might be many reasons for the why but the most important of all is that the new construction software solves problems, reduces cost and improves efficiency. The new CPM software target employee performance enhancement, efficiency and will keep your business on the edge of technology. Every business need to embrace changes and must move fast enough incorporating these changes.


SKYSITE is a powerful construction project management software that will take of all the necessary tasks and roles a CM firm needs. The program seamlessly integrates all project players with just one click, sharing all documents, specs, drawings, and records at once. Its secure and reliable interphase is another benefit the program offers to its users. SKYSITE provides customizable options of construction projects, meaning multiple projects are managed independently.

One key advantage of the software related to its affordable price and compatibility with other products. Construction drawings can be marked up, shared and stored from the project site facilitating communication between engineering, designers, estimators, and schedulers. The field personnel will love the functionality of uploading photos, RFI’s, submittals and punch lists thus saving time and money by improving communication and solving unforeseen conditions faster with less downtime.