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Must Have Home Selling Tools For FSBO’s

creating checklist for selling own home

As technology keeps advancing, people get more equipped with DIY procedures for doing everything with information gathered from the internet. This is true for real estate too as people are now selling property through FSBO (for sale by owner). After all, who wants to give up all the money that real estate agents ask for as their commission? FSBO is not as easy but then again it is not rocket science. With the following selling tools, you will make a successful FSBO.

1. Pricing Tools

You need some expert pricing tools to ensure that you do the pricing right. An online appraisal service can come in handy. Find out the estimated value of your home and find out the cost at which similar homes near yours were sold at. For further help with the price, you can check on real estate blogs and newspapers.

2. Marketing and Advertising Tools

Your marketing and advertising strategies are very crucial as they determine the number of potential buyers who will come to view your property. Marketing has an impact on the chances of finding the right buyer. You can do your advertising using online tools such as email, social media platforms, and websites. Do not forget other channels such as flyers, brochures, bulletin boards and any other medium that may be useful to your marketing and advertising.

3. Do the Repairs and Stage the Home to Add Value

The home’s appeal is a great determinant of you making a sale. Look for helpful ideas to enhance curb appeal. Still, on appeal, do some declutter and cleanup. Do the necessary repairs including adding a coat of paint replacing broken tiles, leaky faucets and cleaning up the gutters. You can add some quick affordable improvements. Think of an extra layer of security on the door, a lock box, window grills, or even a swing for the children. Generally, make the house look like home. Remember that first impression counts and you need to attract the customer on the first site visit.

4. Clear and Detailed Instructions

You need to put up an ‘on sale’ sign at a strategic place where everybody can see it. In addition to that, ensure that your flyers and other advertising material have clear instructions and directions on how to get to your home. You do not want cases of potential customers getting lost on the way.

5. Personalized Program

An FSBO can be a bit time consuming especially if you still have your normal duties to attend to. Make yourself a schedule that works for you. This is more so when it comes to conducting an open house. You might not have time to show the house to one individual at a time. The best thing is to allocate certain days like Sunday afternoons to hold an open house.

6. Hire a Local Real Estate Attorney

Even as you avoid hiring a real estate agent, it is advisable to look for a local real estate attorney. The attorney will help you make a purchase and sale agreement, negotiate terms of the contract and assist you with many other legal issues that might come up during the sale.

Nowadays, FSBO is one of the best ways to sell your property, especially when partnered with the tools mentioned above, so selling a property does not have to be difficult anymore. People are now doing it without the conventional procedures of having to deal with realtors. It is going to be an easy and smooth sailing for you.