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Making Your Apartment More Attractive to Prospective Buyers


Although apartments are generally viewed as rental properties, not all apartment residents are renters. Owning an apartment comes with several perks, most notably lower monthly fees and a greater degree of control over décor choices.

However, as is the case when selling a house, apartment owners need to make their units as attractive as possible whenever they decide to sell. If you’re looking to part ways with an apartment, putting the following measures to good use is liable to make the unit more appealing to prospective buyers.

Invest in New Appliances

The quality of your appliances can have a profound impact on the interest levels of prospective buyers. For example, if your fridge, dishwasher or washing machine have seen better days, people are liable to think twice about buying.

When purchasing an apartment, people are also purchasing every appliance currently installed in the unit – unless, of course, alternate arrangements are made in the purchase agreement.

Given what a big investment apartment ownership can be, the prospect of spending even more money on top of the purchase price isn’t likely to sit well with budget-conscious buyers.

Rather than allow outdated or nonfunctional appliances to prevent you from making this sale, you’d be better-served by biting the bullet and investing in new appliances.

Not only will this make the unit more desirable to buyers, but it will also enable you to set a higher asking price. So, before placing an apartment on the market, give the entire unit a good once-over to determine which appliances need to be replaced.

When carrying out an inspection, everything from refrigerators to ceiling fans should be on your radar. Fortunately, small ceiling fans are affordable on virtually any budget and relatively easy to install.

Repair Aesthetic Damage

Every apartment that’s been lived in has some degree of aesthetic damage. Even if you’ve taken fantastic care of the unit, it’s more than likely developed a few cosmetic problems. The longer you occupy an apartment (or any residence, for that matter), the more blemishes the unit will acquire.

In some instances, aesthetic flaws are limited to faded paint-jobs and cracked tiles. However, in more extreme cases, a unit will be rife with wall-based holes, broken doors and other undesirable traits.

Needless to say, such problems don’t exactly fill prospective buyers with confidence. So, unless you intend to sell your apartment at a discount, make a point of having any outstanding aesthetic damage attended to before placing the unit up for sale.


Repainting is among the easiest and most effective ways to pique the interest of potential buyers. If any areas of your apartment feature paint-jobs that are faded, out-of-date or just plain ugly, take care to repaint them before showing the place to buyers.


Although you may be tempted to entrust this task to professional painters, you can save yourself a fair amount of money by tackling the job yourself. Additionally, make sure the colors you choose are both easy on the eyes and complementary to the unit’s décor.

Open Up Space

When people tour new apartments, they like to envision their lives in these units. This generally entails taking in space and making a mental checklist of where their various possessions will go. However, this can prove not easy when the seller’s furnishings and personal effects are all over the place.

To make it easier for prospective buyers to picture life in your apartment, clear out as much space as possible before showing the unit.

If buyers have a blank canvas to work with, they should have no trouble imagining themselves inhabiting this residence. This isn’t to say that everything you own should be cleared out, but items for which you have no immediate need should not be cluttering up an apartment you’re hoping to sell.


Depending on where you live, selling an apartment can be a difficult prospect. Since apartments are commonly regarded as rental properties, many prospective homeowners would rather put their money towards a house than a decidedly smaller residence. That being the case, it is incumbent upon sellers to provide potential buyers with plenty of incentive to go with an apartment.

Fortunately, as long as you’re armed with the previously discussed tips, generating interest in an apartment, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.