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Interior Trends To Consider When Renovating A Property


During the world’s fight against COVID-19, we’re spending more time at home. With no more valid excuses, the ‘to-do list’ of maintenance repairs will get done.

There is also an opportunity for homeowners to make some cosmetic improvements in between working remotely and watching Netflix!

Think of home maintenance as a chance to tinker in your shed and with some projects also get a bit of exercise. Painting ceiling and walls, for example, is a great workout! Plus take on jobs you can involve the family in, like painting furniture, or wallpaper stripping.

Whatever home refurbishment you choose to do, start with a plan of what should be done and what it will cost so you can work out a budget. It’s easy to overspend on home renovations and home builds, materials are costly, but not as much as labour, so if that’s free then you can get more projects completed.


The main objective of a budget during this unprecedented time of uncertainty due to coronavirus is making sure you spend within your means. With the economic downturn, is there a chance you could lose your job? Plus if you had to sell your home suddenly, you’d want to know whatever money invested in the renovation could be recouped in the sale price.

Start with the end in mind by acknowledging your target market of buyers. Even if you’re not keen on selling your home right now, it pays to plan. Would your homebuyers be owner-occupiers or property investors? Here are some tips on interior trends for either type of buyer.

Go Industrial

Industrial interiors are proving ever popular, plus they offer a safety net for the not so neat DIYer. Exposed pipework, textured walls and original flooring all together create a modern and rugged vibe.

When it comes to colour, think greys, off-whites and sharp blacks. Dark wood is a popular theme for industrial settings, so feature this in shelving and worktops if you’re updating a kitchen or bathroom space.

See Green

Green is calm, pleasant and rarely offensive. Its ability to add a peaceful vibe to any room is unprecedented, and it works from the bedroom to the entrance hall. This home renovation guide notes that sage green is a popular choice for 2020, and notes that the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2020 is reminiscent this shade of green.

Bring The Outside In

Plants are a popular feature in many homes now, they add life to blank spaces and offer a multitude of benefits. While your new tenants or homeowners won’t inherit the plants – unless you’re feeling generous – featuring them in the space ready for viewings can create a welcoming atmosphere. Hang plants in the corners of high ceilings, feature trailing foliage on shelves and pop greenery along windowsills and in empty corners to bring a little of the outside into the property.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Dark

Dark colour schemes are proving ever popular, and 2020’s interior trends are no different. Luxe navy wools, accentuated with gold accessories work seamlessly in the lounge while deep shades of orange against white tiles in the kitchen create a pairing that any new homeowner will love. Opt for paint, that’s easy to cover up should the new homeowners decide they want to change this.

Other quick fixes you can carry out during your renovation:

  • Fix up the sealant around windows and in the bathroom
  • Clean the grout between the tiles
  • Have the windows professionally cleaned and repaired if required
  • Fit coving to give rooms a neat finish
  • Patch up holes in the walls

Turning adversity into an opportunity is smart so take on these tips and rejuvenate that space for you to enjoy now and entice potential owners later on.