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Innovation In Radiators Provides Style As Well As Heat


Gone are the days, where you recently renovated home or new build had no choice but to accomodate decades old, ugly in design, radiators just because they are an incredibly efficient heating solution. It’s thanks to great leaps in innovation, and design, over the years, that there are a lot more styles on offer including a huge range in vertical radiators. The only decision left for homeowners is how many and what size radiators will comfortably heat the home.

Home Size

Depending on whether you view life as a glass half full, or half empty, the fact that UK homes are on average very small, results in less interior to keep warm. Business Insider, Australia compares home sizes and UK homes are circa 96 square metres or less. How do they compare with other countries? Well, they’re larger than properties in Greece, Latvia and Ireland and the same size as the average homes in France, Germany and Italy.

Of course in the newer countries that also have luxury of larger land mass and less people per square metre, like the US, Australia, the average home sizes are up to three times more than the homes in England, Wales and Scotland and other areas of Europe. Therefore with smaller homes, when it comes to heating choice, style is as important is performance.

Designer Radiators

Wall space is a premium in small homes, and radiators are attached to walls so they need to look good and consistent with the period of the home. They are a focal point in a room, and the designs available today have turned them into a statement, and almost a piece of art. Not only are British homes small the weather is also colder than that found in the south of France, so central heating can be on all year round! However if it looks good its performance is second to none, what really do you have to complain about! 🙂


Modern radiators use different fuel sources. You can choose gas, electric or a mix of both! There’s also a lot more control at your finger tips. Yes, like your house hold appliances that can be controlled via an App on your smart device and mobile, so too the radiator. You can choose the option that uses bluetooth so you can manage the controls via your mobile phone.

Radiator Size Matters

The type of radiator and their size will determine how cosy you can maintain the temperature in your home as well as how economically you can run them. Therefore you need to assess the BTU and calculate the radiator size using a BTU calculator.

What Is BTU?

BTU is short for British Thermal Unit. It is a measure of heat content from fuel sources. How does electricity compare with diesel or gas? So how much electricity do you need to generate the heat required to warm up your home? Once you know the answer you can choose the right size of radiator specific to your room size. A living room will need a larger radiator than say a small bedroom.


What’s exciting for homeowners is radiators are no longer viewed as a dinosaur. They’re en vogue and most importantly they don’t just look good, they’re a proven heating solution that’s stood the test of time.

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