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How to Live Luxe in a Small Apartment

chair in apartment

Depending on the city you live in or what your budget is, a small apartment might be your only option for housing. But just because your place is particularly petite, doesn’t mean you can’t live luxuriously. Whether it’s picking the perfect environment for you or strategically decorating, there are plenty of ways to turn your flat into a lavish escape.

Find the Right Place

The first order of business to live luxe is to find the apartment most fitting for you. Without enjoying the area or the style of the complex, you won’t have the motivation to spruce it up. Websites such as Buy Melbourne Apartments allow you to search in certain areas of cities to find available units . They even have advanced search options to narrow the selections down to your specifications. Being happy where you live is the most crucial part to living a comfortable life. The website also provides useful tips for apartment owners and occupiers, like the article on how to declutter your apartment.

Home Décor

With a new apartment comes new décor to fill it with! Decorating with accent pieces like sparkly pillows or an exquisite rug give that sense of luxury we all want. Hanging floor to ceiling curtains draw attention to the height of the room while giving the illusion of taller windows. Sheer curtains (or none at all) are recommended to flood the unit with natural light and draw the eye towards outside.

Be sparse when hanging decorations on the walls. It can look cramped with too many pictures or knickknacks. Avoiding clutter at all costs is important in keeping your apartment looking as big and luxurious as possible. In the case that you do have things laying around, organize them in a fashion that is pleasing the the eye and looks like it is meant to be there.


The furniture you have in the space and how it is positioned can make a huge difference in appearance. If you put your tables, couch, and shelving against every wall to maximise room, it could end up backfiring and looking crowded. Pushing the furniture out will add depth to the area, making it feel larger.

Living luxe might mean having an abundance of furnishings for many purposes, but in a small apartment how is that going to fit? Multifuctional furniture is your answer. There are plenty of secret storage and transforming pieces on the market. Getting a coffee table that doubles as a safe, bed frame that has drawers underneath, or convertible dining table will save space and add a unique aspect to your home.

Colour Schemes

Deciding on what colours to paint the walls will be a decision that majorly effects the mood of the room. Light and neutral colours reflect sunlight while dark hues absorb it. Not only are simple coloured walls trendy, but they also make the apartment feel roomy and inviting. As for the dark colours, if you are feeling brave enough try painting the ceiling. The dark contrasts with the light on the walls and draws your attention upwards, leaving an impression of depth and high ceilings.

When we think of every detail of luxury we think of elegance and cleanliness. Maintaining a consistent colour scheme throughout the house will help bring those concepts to life. Paint your walls and trim variants of the same colour and then match your furniture accordingly. If these things do not match, the contrast can make the actual size of the room prominent.

Just because you live in a small apartment does not mean luxury has to be sacrificed. Finding the right furniture and layout companied with colours to compliment the space can make all the difference.

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