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How to Increase the Value of Your Property


Whether you’re at the sharp end of property investment, working on multiple ventures in order to achieve profits on your assets, or simply preparing to sell your home for a profit, knowing some of the basics that help to boost the value of your home can reap impressive dividends for minimal investment.

This article guides you through four such techniques, presenting ideas you may find useful and inspirational when attempting to shift on your property for as much cash as possible.

Sell Furnished

For plenty of prospective property buyers, a well-furnished abode is a good deal more inviting than those put on the market without furniture. This is due to a number of factors.

Plenty of cash-rich first-time buyers do not possess the furniture required to furnish a home and are unwilling to spend the time, money and effort to furnish themselves.

Others buy to rent and find it more accommodating to have furniture in place already, while others still might simply enjoy the confluence of your interior feel and furnishing style, appreciating the value you’re adding.

Search for antique furniture for sale to augment the value of your home by selling it well-furnished.

Planning Permissions

A standard piece of advice both for seller and buyers is to check the legality status of building further extensions, or even additional properties, on the plot of land that the sold property is based upon.

The mere confirmed ability for a new home-owner to extend their home or make significant exterior improvements will up your property’s value considerably, making it well worth hours spent talking with local authorities and building firms to consider the extent to which your home could be improved by new owners.

Technological Additions

Technology has finally reached its zenith in the home, with new builds and complete renovations opening up the possibility of complete integration with a technological system that will manage your home’s energy usage, doors and windows, home security, entertainment systems and pretty much anything else you can think of.

These additions are incredibly attractive to buyers looking for the latest tech to help them feel modern and well-equipped in their home, thus increasing the value of homes by quite some margin. Consider everything – from solar panelled roof tiles to safe room facilities.

The Waiting Game

Just like any other investment asset, it’s always worth playing the waiting game when selling a property to ensure your sale meets with a peak in house prices in your area, ensuring you’re getting the best return on your investment.

This might mean holding off putting it on the market for some months, watching fluctuations, and consulting with property experts – or the data analysed by real estate sites online – in order to time your sale most efficiently.


If you can afford to keep hold of the property until prices pick up after a slump, it’s always advisable to do so.

These tips will help you make the highest possible profit on your property investment, ensuring you climb the property ladder or increase your portfolio with each new home you decide to sell.