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How Can I Make Sure My Home is Secure?

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Whether you’ve moved into a new home or you’re just making some upgrades on where you live now, inevitably one of the most important things to consider is that your home is appropriately secure. Of course, making sure your home is as cosy and to your taste as possible is essential, but above all, the safety aspect is undoubtedly the most important.

That’s not to say that your home isn’t safe without extra precautions, but above all else, your home should be a safe space to call your own. Your sanctuary. Anything you can do to make it feel like that is worth doing.

Start with the Doors

One of the prominent places to start is by making sure the doors on your property are as secure as they can be. Not only is this a great way of making your home feel safer, but did you know that if you were to sell your house on, say to a sell house fast company, that this could increase the value of your home. Sometimes the more you know, the more you help your future self!

Did you know that when the vast majority of burglaries is committed, the criminal in question is far more likely to have walked through your door than to have broken the windows? Well, that is, in fact, the case. The point that’s being made here is don’t make your home an easy target for this! Make sure that the framework on your door is strong and sturdy, and that all hinges are secure. Likewise, ensure that if you have a post box that someone couldn’t merely fit their hand through and open your door – stranger things have happened!

Likewise, you could look into installing a few added features such as smart locks, deadbolts and even a video doorbell. Technology is so advanced now that options are abundant for making your doorway more secure!

Lock Your Windows When You’re not in the Room

This might sound like an obvious one but picture this. It’s a hot day, and you’ve been getting some fresh air in, then you need to nip to the shop to pick up a couple of things. Of course, you lock the door on your way out, but do you make sure the windows are closed and the locks clicked shut? If the answer is no, then this is something you should consider.

You can even get key locks for your windows to give them that added bit of security. Making sure your glass is double glazed and secure also can add to the security of your overall home – as well as saving you money on your bills and making your house warmer in the winter months. Sometimes we overlook windows as an easy access point for someone wanting to get into our homes – but don’t be fooled. Your home is overall more secure if your windows are secure, so ensure that they are!

Light Up Your Garden

Is the front and back of your home in utter darkness as soon as night falls? Well, why not opt for some sensory lights in both gardens.

Don’t make your home an easy target. If someone wanted to slip into a property unnoticed, then indeed the last one they’d choose is the one that’s all lit up, right? If you leave the place in darkness, it provides criminals with a sort of camouflage, as they can’t be seen in the dark as well as they could if it was all lit up.

Not to mention that getting lights in front of your home is a good safety aspect for yourself too. Imagine coming home late at night, perhaps after a tipple or two, and having to manage the stairs up to your front door in the pitch black? Well, with the sensory lighting, you’ll never have to do this again! It’s a win-win situation.

Set Up a Security System

Finally, one of the best ways of ensuring the security of your home is by setting up a home security system. Cameras, CCTV systems and as previously mentioned, video doorbells are a great way of not only feeling safe in your home but also letting outsiders know that your home is well secured too. The more secure your home looks, the less likely it is to be a target, and ultimately the safer you’ll feel – and isn’t that what being at home is all about?

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