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Home Security Systems Monitored Or Not Monitored Which Is Best?

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The home is where we feel most at ease, secure and safe. It’s also the place we keep our most valuable assets, so it’s no surprise home break-ins and burglaries are on the rise globally. There are the home theft opportunists who happen upon a property that’s is vacant, and there are the planned break-ins.

Home Break-ins On The Rise

Such is the rise in this crime, in some regions of the UK for example, residents are taking extreme measures to protect what’s theirs at home, including self patrolling or using a private security firm.

For most homeowners and residents, most break-in attempts can be thwarted when there’s a visible home security system and as such this has given rise to growing demand in this sector. Plus technical innovation is appealing to consumers wanting to have more control and monitor their home while they’re away from it.

How To Choose The Products

Therefore the choice is overwhelming for homeowners choosing their first system. Some might say you need a PhD to make the right choice and know enough about the vast array of products on the market, so you get what your property needs and avoid overspending on a system that’s overkill for the requirement. If in doubt, hire a technical nerd who’s kept up with the innovation in this growing sector or hire an expert to assess your needs and recommend a solution.

Some of the decisions you need to make when choosing a surveillance system include: connectivity, i.e. does your property need a hard-wired alarm system or can it use WiFi? Wifi is a more accessible and cheaper installation. Do you want cameras too, or just the alarm sensors or only cameras?

The security cameras come with all manner of specifications from recording resolution and frame rate to additional features such as automatic object tracking and night vision capabilities.

Then there’s the decision on whether to self monitor or get a third-party monitoring service. Some systems can be activated and monitored by a smart device App and for many consumers this the preferred solution, however, does it work when you’re away on holiday or is using a monitoring service a better choice?

The rise in break-ins as created a new business, that of third party home monitoring and surveillance.

The third-party provider will see to it that your security system is regularly checked and updated, and will continually monitor and immediately notify you of any security breach, water leak, fire, or other emergencies that they find through the camera footage or the alarm systems.

Why Choose Monitored Systems?


One of the most significant benefits of a monitored security system is the convenience of not having to install and maintain the system by yourself, as you will have a team of professional home security experts to do the job for you.

Plus the cost of the product and the monitoring service are wrapped up together with monthly payments. All contracts differ so make sure you read the terms of the agreement before you accept it.

Emergency Response

With a more transient lifestyle, it is not uncommon for homeowners to spend extended periods out of town or out of the country, leaving their home untenanted and thus vulnerable to burglars and other unwanted visitors. Third-party monitoring is peace-of-mind that there are eyes and ears looking out for threats and taking the necessary action should the home be invaded.


Why Choose Unmonitored Systems?


The cost is upfront and once you’ve purchased your security system, there’s no ongoing fee.


You can purchase what you absolutely need and add to it later on. Do you want high-resolution cameras, motion detectors, electronic locks, smart thermostats, and video-recording doorbells? The market will no doubt have what you need but if you’re a bit tight on budget you can get the basics and make additions or upgrades later on.


Besides having full control over the components of your home’s security system, an unmonitored security system will also give you complete control of the data that it collects. For some of the more tech-savvy homeowners this control over the data is a real advantage.


Modern home security systems come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags, so it can be tough for a first-time buyer to know what would work best for their home.

There is a trade-off when it comes to choosing between a monitored and unmonitored security system. Monitored home security systems are geared more for user convenience, especially if you travel a lot. An unmonitored system is perfect if you want to take a more proactive approach to your home’s security.

We travel a lot more especially when we’re retired and gone are the days of your ancestors when leaving the door unlocked and windows ajar were common practice. Finally, see this home security checklist before going on a trip for some helpful tips on keeping your home secure when you’re not there.

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