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4 Top Destinations To Retire To

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If you’re looking to make your retirement fund stretch further, then moving somewhere new might be on the cards. Living elsewhere when you’re retired also gives you the chance to see more of the world and save a tonne of money at the same time, but how can you even begin to choose where you’re going to spend your retirement?

We’ve narrowed down our favourite destinations from cost-effective to down-right beautiful so that your choice is that little bit easier.

Malvern – UK

Set in the Midlands of the UK, Malvern originated as a spa village with therapeutic qualities attributed to its springs. Buildings from the Victorian, Bronze and Iron age still remain in Malvern and add to its natural beauty. Nowadays though, Malvern is recognised for its hills, it’s scenic town, and its bottled water. With many other attractions such as the Morgan Motor Factory residing there since 1909, a plethora of family ran businesses, and everything within walking distance, you’d be mad not to consider Malvern for your retirement home.

Windermere – Florida

Chartered as a residential development in 1925, Windermere has been on the map for quite some time now. If you’re looking for the perfect retirement homes for sale, then Windermere should be another place to consider. With a population of merely 3400, you don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle when you want to slow the pace down a little. For those that love the idea of golf on the lakeside with a warm sunny breeze on their face, Windermere, Florida is the number one destination for you. With plenty of properties to suit all kinds of budgets, you’re sure to find the perfect home for your retirement.

Ravda – Bulgaria

If you’re looking to head somewhere a little more exotic and overseas, then why not consider Ravda, Bulgaria? An up and coming tourist destination thanks to the low cost of living and staying there. Things are a little different when it comes to owning a property in Bulgaria, but it’s definitely worth it when you’re sitting on the balcony in your new apartment, sipping bloody mary’s while looking over the dead sea. For its sheer beauty and low cost of living, consider Ravda as a destination for your retirement.

Cairns – Australia

Finally, if you’re all about sun, sea, and sand, then Cairns is most definitely a destination to consider retiring to. While presently the cost of living in Australia is rather high, especially the cost of housing. But that could change, and, in fact, it is changing right now. If you’re hoping to retire with $200,000 in savings augmented by some Social Security or pension income, keep an eye on Australia. With Cairns offering the Great Barrier Reef and beautiful rainforests, we just know you’ll never get bored of telling people you’ve moved to Australia for your retirement!