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How Modern Land Estates are Designed for Health and Happiness


Is it the right time to buy a house in Australia or New Zealand? There has been some uncertainty in the economy with many asking is the housing market to stabilise. History doesn’t lie and it infers our local housing markets complete their property cycle every seven to 10 years. Plus over time property generally goes up in value so there really is never a right or wrong time to buy. The question homebuyers need to ask at all times is, ‘am I buying the right type of property?’

In Australia and New Zealand, new land estates are the talk of the town in the current real estate market. These properties are usually pre-planned and designed to cater to various lifestyles, with an affordable price tag that many first-time and young buyers can’t afford to overlook.

These land estates have more than affordability on their side, though. They’re being developed as communities, offering people a place outside of the city proper to call home.

For Community

Modern land estates are so much more than a new network of houses. Unlike suburban streets that are lined with blocks upon blocks of homes, cut off from the rest of the city, these estates are being designed with a sense of community in mind. The estate will include its own parks, walking trails, clubhouse, and perhaps even a store or shopping centre. Residents can mingle with neighbours and there are community events held on a regular basis. Think of these estates as communities, not just neighbourhoods.

Sustainable Construction

Because these estates are new construction, modern buildings will include modern materials. Green building materials are used wherever possible, including sustainable lumber. There are also new building methods and construction practices in place that focus on creating sustainable housing solutions for the long term. While these can be expensive options for renovating existing construction, estates are often built by a single builder, which means they can get bulk rates on better materials and pass the savings onto the home buyers.

For Your Family

Along with all of the community features, land estates offer a lot of other perks for families. You get the peace of mind that your kids can play in the yard without trucks or commercial vehicles passing through on a regular basis. There’s also the added perk that some estates include their own schools or day cares, strengthening the sense of community even further. If you buy when you’re first starting your family, your children can grow up with others in the community and have a strong sense of belonging, which is incremental to their development.

A New Mindset in Home Construction

Land estates are everything that traditional home construction is not. Where high prices run rampant in up-and-coming suburbs, estates have great prices on new homes for first-time buyers and young families. They also have better construction practices and are designed for a lifestyle, not just a place to live. You can live anywhere, but when you really want your family to thrive, these pre-planned communities are often the best option.

You can choose from all kinds of land estates, including new developments near many of Australia’s biggest cities. Some will include their own network of schools, shopping centres, and other businesses and services, while others might just be a neighbourhood of homes that are conveniently located near major areas for easy access to local businesses.

Either way, the estates themselves are all about creating a community, not just building homes. People live differently than they did 100 years ago, and modern land estates reflect that in every way.

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