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Renovate and Sell: Tips for a Quick Home Sale

selling a home tips

Many adages describe how some properties sell quickly while others remain unsold for months.

Home sellers (vendors) need the right mindset and focus on transforming their property into a home prospective buyers want to sell quickly.

Vendors who need to sell quickly can find the funds for a renovation or, at the very least, a spruce-up.

Here’s an example: a vendor has purchased another home for his family while still owning his existing property. He secures a bridging loan that acts as a ‘bridge’ in his finance repayments until he sells his existing property and pays back that property’s mortgage.

This type of loan, also known as interim finance, is for short-term use. It’s typically more expensive, so it focuses the vendor on what can be done to get a speedy sale. If a renovation is out of the question, staging the property so it appeals to a broader group of home buyers is required.


Staging a property involves removing personal items and often furniture, too. The owner’s clutter is removed, and in its place, modern, clean items that show off space and the attractive areas of the property appeal to a broader buyer market.

Most homeowners find that once their contents are removed, their walls and floors need a spruce-up before the staging.

Years of living mark the walls, the color fades, and the floorings will be dull and often need a deep clean. So get this done before staging. If it’s not done, the furnishing ad will look out of place, and prospective buyers will notice and may even be put off from considering your property as a home they want to purchase.

The way forward is to add new paint to every wall and ceiling. It smells new and will add space and light. If you can not get to every room, paint the bathrooms and kitchen.

Use Colors That Work

Similarly, don’t use bold, daring colors just because you like them. You may enjoy an orange living room that projects a warm and cozy look, but it’s less likely to attract potential buyers. Stay with neutral shades that are much more appealing.

Bring In The Light

Natural light is an asset to any home’s value. Dark, dreary rooms will turn off even the most adventurous buyers or at least give them pause. They make a home feel constricted and, quite frankly, depressing.

Work with what you’ve got if your windows aren’t conducive to letting in tons of natural light. Use bright, minimal sheers that let light filter through. If you must have drapes, make sure they open fully to give the room a bigger feel.


Make Your Bathroom Shine

Bathrooms are another big deal when it comes to home value. They get a lot of use and must be kept up to work well and look great. Opt for a comfortable feel with heated floors, wall-mount lighting, and a bright, roomy bath/shower area.

You might want to try your hand at interior design. It will be less clinical than all staging furnishings, giving your home your personal touch and making it more homely and appealing to many buyers.

However, it is important to know how to use interior design to boost your home’s value without lowering it, so tread carefully about how much of your style you want to add.

Kitchen Magic

Kitchens can look great with new appliances on display. Remember to remove clutter and have clean, shiny benchtops and freshly painted walls. The kitchen is one of the rooms that can significantly impact your home’s value. With that in mind, pass on the short-lived fads. They’ll be outdated too quickly. Look for appliances with a timeless design and neutral colors that work well with anything.