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Flooring Can Add Thousands To Your Property Value


Did you know the flooring is the largest part of your home, yet it regularly is an afterthought when it comes to a renovation?

What happens with homeowners keen to improve their property is they’ll start a wish list of what they want and then prioritize the budget per room or area. Top of their list is overhauling high traffic zones, like the kitchen and bathroom and adding some lifestyle improvements like a large balcony or deck to create that indoor-outdoor flow.

What they don’t focus on is flooring that is usually an afterthought and with that slim picking of the renovation budget. Yet, the floor is the largest footprint and when it’s done right, it can transform a home and add thousands to its value.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s popular in flooring and while your floors deserve a good chunk of your renovation budget. Realtor says there are 10 types of flooring that have proven the most popular in 2020.

Carpets are no longer as popular as they once were. You may remember a time when every room in the house had carpet, including the garage! Well, no longer is this the trend. Hard floorings are more popular, and there range is extensive.

Hard Flooring Types

Type of hard flooring popular today (in no particular order) include:

  • Ethically sourced or recycled timber
  • Engineered wood
  • Laminates
  • Cork
  • Vinyl
  • Tiles (large, small, different materials)
  • Slip-resistant resins
  • Concrete stained or polished

Supply and Demand

Carpet is now cheaper than many hard floorings due to supply and demand. So don’t write it off if you really love carpet, especially in some rooms where carpet can give the room that cosy and luxurious feel.
However, designers understand we want that luxurious feeling underfoot when we get out of bed so they’ve swayed homeowners to achieve it with a rug, and so hard flooring have also found their way into bedrooms as well as every other room of the house.

Engineered Wood and Laminates

One of the most popular choices is engineered woods where up to 14 mm of real wood is glued to a cheaper wood like pine and with a click in install system, it gives that perfect luxury wood look that doesn’t shrink or split and is easy to install and replace. The choice of wood varieties also makes this flooring a winner. For example, in Australia, they don’t have french oak trees, yet a property can have french oak engineered wood floors without a massive price tag.

Laminates have an AC rating and it’s vital you choice the right one for the type of use. For example, AC 1 is perfect for bedrooms and light traffic zones, whereas AC 3 will keep its look and perform well under high traffic. Choosing the wrong AC rate will mean the product will need replacement sooner.

Natural Timbers

If you can afford it or choose to go with a recycled timber floor, you’ll not regret it as it will add value to your home when it’s installed correctly and kept in good condition. It’s a more costly solution, and the install will require experts to get it perfect, without gaps and wastage.

Tile Flooring

Tiles are a popular flooring option due to their versatility, broad range of designs, styles and colour options. Interior designers love them too, and they are easy to maintain,

For health, tiles and other hard floorings options won’t hold dust and other allergens. They can be easily swept or vacuumed for your weekly maintenance; however, the grout will require a deep clean from time to time. The new Britex grout and tile cleaning system is a great option for that.

Tiles can be slippery, which poses a risk, particularly to the elderly. They are more likely to slip on tile than other hard floorings or carpet, plus they can be cold so they’re a great option in warm climates like in parts of America, Europe and most of Australia. Everywhere else you’d need to install underfloor heating and this a lot to the install cost.
Choose your flooring with care and give it the budget it deserves, and it will reward you.


Get your flooring right, and it will not only last the distance but also add value to your property when you come to sell it.

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