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Expert Tips To Sell Your House By Boosting Curb Appeal


During these longest days of summer, the hustle and bustle of getting a listing ready for market results in the need for various creative measures.

Curb appeal is that extra element of pizzazz that draws the passer-by to your home at just a glance and combines attention to detail and sense of good upkeep.

Curb Appeal is Essential to Your Home Value

The entryway or element of landscaping can be the defining trait of making or breaking a sale. If the home happens to be lacking in the curb appeal department, prospective buyers will reject it without really investigating what the property feels like, or try to immediately take the route of attempting to get the seller to lower the price.


How much could landscaping affect the value of your home? Experts estimate that values of homes with landscaping are up to 12.7% higher than homes without landscaping.

The good news is if you are working on a tiny budget, it can go a long way towards the improvement of the home’s look. Even if you can do just a few of the jobs yourself or as a family team, it will help you come out ahead in the end! There are many different ways to help with curb appeal, and assure that the first glance someone gets at your property is the one that in essence steals the show and “takes them all the way home”.

Unnecessary clutter is one of those traits of a house that make it a bit difficult for the buyer to envision it is all their own, and having the cleanest most streamlined look there is will accomplish a sense of individuality. Skateboards, bikes, stray garden tools, and large sprinkler sets all are items that provide evidence of very active family life.

If you have made the decision to put the house on the market, you can quickly excavate and make do with a garbage can, and be sure to get rid of branches, leaves, and anything else not at home off the bat in the yard. When it comes to outdoor furniture, it is very important to remember that only a few pieces should be on the lawn: when anyone makes a new home purchase, they want to picture the lawn as their unique and empty canvas.

Front Door

The front door is always going to be a firm focal point during a home sale: definitely make sure it is impeccably clean, and give it a few fresh coats of paint. Even changing the color of your door can increase the value of your property by $6,000. If any storm doors or screen doors have seen excessive damage, make sure they are replaced or repaired. As far as the front deck is concerned, repainting and touching up is all-important. A brand-new custom front door goes a very long way when it comes to giving the home a look that seems as if it is constantly being taken care of.

Even though the actual furniture outside should be kept to a minimum, expanding the outdoor living space itself can always add appeal to anyone seeing the property for the first time. Indoor-outdoor rugs, porch swings, mood lighting, and outdoor bars are traits that not just millennials go crazy for, and they tend to up the potential outbound value of the property in volumes.

Window Trim

If you don’t have the resources right now to paint the entire house, at least paint the trim or window trim. Using a universal access color will help and this simple upgrade offers up an abundant amount of visual appeal. While you’re at it, make sure you retouch the house address numbers, entry-door lockset, and mailbox.

Which areas of the property are most prone to benefit from a power wash? If you don’t own one, definitely rent one to clean the carport, pavement, and outside decks. If repainting is not on the agency, use one to quickly brighten the hue to the home’s siding.
Many realtors across the Southwest agree that one of the most important curb appeal factors is having clean windows to show off. Whether it’s professionally done or completed yourself, do NOT even think about putting your home up on the market without seeing to it that the “Panes are primo”!

Clean Lawns

To maximize curb appeal, it’s wise to spend an entire weekend tending to the lawn. Spending time on shrubs that are overgrown, pruning and shaping, and removing any limbs that hang over the house as well as thorough weeding and mulching beds are bound to make a stellar impression once interested buyers begin inching in and taking a closer look.


Making sure that the paths and garden beds are properly edged gives landscaping a very polished finish, and ups the ante on curb appeal in a major way. Wood, brick, metal, and manufactured stone are all various types that can be used to achieve the right effect. Be aware that plastic edging can look very cheap in its finished format, and turn those away who may have been interested.

Follow the Right Steps to Increase the Value of Your Home

How to sell your house with the ultimate use of curb appeal involves some attention to detail and a very keen eye in regards to problem areas that need a “fresh coat” in all ways.

This is a time when seeing every element up close is crucial, and anything you miss in a quick visual sweep will absolutely cost you dearly. The post-recession era of home sales has brought about the opportunity to allocate assets for the best in touching up and facelifts: you can achieve anything with determination, willingness, and the inspired eye of expertise that brought you to this journey in the first place!