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Don’t Skip the Plumbing When Remodeling Your Bathroom


A bathroom renovation can improve the property value. Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are often the rooms that sell homes.

However,  when it comes to bathroom renovations, many homeowners focus only on the surface elements of a remodel, such as new tile, cabinets, mirrors, faucets, fixtures, and paint color. While these updates can provide a visual transformation, it’s essential not to overlook the crucial functional aspects of your bathroom.

Remember that your bathroom needs to function well above all else. So, before focusing on the surface elements of a remodel, ensure that the structural and plumbing components are addressed first. This way, you’ll have a great bathroom that works well.

Let’s consider plumbing in bathroom remodels.

Plumbing In Remodeling Bathrooms

When planning your bathroom renovation, starting with the plumbing is essential. The plumbing can affect your bathroom’s functionality and the remodel’s overall look and feel.

Improper attention to plumbing can cause pipes, water pressure, and hot water supply issues. To get started, you should research how plumbers charge for their services and consult a professional plumber to assess your bathroom and determine the best action.

Bathroom design

While homeowners consider the aesthetics and layout of their bathrooms, the functionality of the bathroom facilities is determined by a system of pipes and valves that are not visible and critical to the home’s structure.

If your sink, shower, tub, and toilet are laid out a certain way, shifting things around won’t be as simple as moving them into new positions. Some shifts and changes have to be made below the floor level, and often, it means moving the underlying pipes and structures, which can be connected to other rooms in your home, and changes may be required in those areas, too.

A wrongly positioned pipe can mean flooding in your foundation, moisture build-up, and other complications. Moving fixtures isn’t recommended because of the cost and the challenges it will bring to the project.

Plumbing Maintenance & Replacements

When planning a bathroom renovation, it is crucial to examine the condition of the plumbing. Failure to do so can lead to future problems, particularly in older bathrooms where the pipes may be deteriorated or obsolete.

If you disregard the plumbing aspect, you run the risk of installing new fixtures over an old and potentially defective system, jeopardizing the bathroom’s overall functionality and lifespan.


A bathroom is a critical space in any home, and since it is exposed to water and steam, waterproofing is an essential step to protect it. Waterproofing prevents damage caused by moisture and helps maintain the longevity and integrity of building materials in the bathroom.


A qualified plumber’s assistance is necessary to ensure the waterproofing is done correctly. Inadequate waterproofing could render all the expensive work and fixtures useless because moisture will damage them over time.

Waterproofing requirements

Once surfaces are clean and dry, a waterproof membrane can be added to the bathroom walls and floors. Many products are available, from paints to sealants to sheet membranes made of rubber or polyethylene. All joints and gaps must be sealed, and this can be achieved with waterproof tape.

Fixtures and fittings, as well as pipes, need to be sealed, and if you have tiles, they will need waterproof grout. Use experts to carry out this work for you. Get an inspection done for quality control and code of compliance.

Last Words

During a bathroom renovation, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of transforming the space into something aesthetically pleasing. However, following all the steps to achieve a successful and long-lasting remodel is crucial.

Early in the process, a plumber will let you know if the renovation ideas align with the plumbing structure of the room and your home. Including plumbing in the project’s planning is a decision you won’t regret. You’ll get to add value to your home, appreciate having a new space, and, most importantly, not give your wallet an unnecessary hit from a bad outcome.

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