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5 Awesome Tips for A Superb Bathroom

bathroom renovation tips

The bathroom is one of those areas which home buyers tend to focus on. How the living room or the bedrooms are designed may pique their interest, but an awesome bathroom can win their hearts. Statistics showed that the “Joy Score” of having a new bathroom leads to a rating of 10, the highest joy score rating.

But how do you turn your boring bathroom into something that elicits a buyer’s “Yes” or increases your “joy score”? Check out the following tips.


A bathtub is one of those bathroom basics capable of making a statement. Consider having a claw foot tub made from hammered antique copper, and you’ll achieve that!

Applying veneers, tiles or panels is also one great way to complement the theme of any bathroom decor ideas while adding a bit of a luxurious look.

An alcove bathtub is one good example of a tub that suits everyone’s needs. Choose one that’s angled in a way that ensures lumbar support. An alcove tub made from a composite material that guarantees durability with a scratch-resistant porcelain finish will also be a great option.


A large piece of furniture for your bathroom vanity may be a good idea. But, if you don’t want kids or couples to step on each others’ toes on a busy Monday morning, two separate vanities would be a better option.

You can also remake an old stock vanity by coating it with navy-coloured paint on old hardware. Top it with a crisp white-coloured counter and oil-rubbed bronze hardware. This vanity makeover will surely make it look pricier than it is.


Your shower should not only be a reflection of your personal touches. It should also exude an inviting atmosphere that gives the potential buyer the desire to move in and create his mark.

If the bathroom is small yet you want to give it an illusion of being spacious, a transparent glass door in the shower room is a wise option. A transparent glass door is also great for showing off sophisticated marble walls.


When choosing the best materials for your bathroom floor, remember the mantra: It has to ensure safety and be hundred per cent waterproof. Think about having an etched tile with an olive branch pattern that looks stunning. It also protects as it is also slip-free. But a stone and glass mosaic tile is a great option if you want your bathroom to achieve an elegant look.

Choose a unique pattern that gives your bathroom a tasteful hint of sophistication and luxury.


A well-chosen set of bathroom lights makes the entire bathroom look brilliant. A Stix LED Bath Bar is suitable for bathrooms with a contemporary feel. It’s a good source of ample illumination, and it’s also known to be energy efficient and environment-friendly.


The more significant your bathroom features are, the higher your chances of staying ahead of the seller competition.  For homeowners, not scrimping on bathroom essentials enables them to look to the future with an assurance that what they have in their bathroom now will still be loved and appreciated by future homebuyers.