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Don’t Get Ripped off When It Comes to Moving Home

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Moving home is an experience in life that should only ever induce positive thoughts, feelings and outcomes. It is something that we humans do to change our lives and start afresh. It is something that we do to banish old memories of the past and move on with our lives in the future. So, you see, despite how nerve-racking and terrifying moving home can be, the outcome of it should only ever be a positive experience.

Unfortunately, however, there are people and things out there that do their utmost best to sabotage this positivity and make moving home a negative experience. More to the point, there are individuals and even companies out there that will do all they can to rip you off during your home-moving experience. But, you can fight this negativity and these people that bring it by simply refusing to allow yourself to be ripped off. For advice on how that can be achieved, make sure to read on.

Get your new property properly surveyed by professionals

Having the property you are moving into professionally surveyed is quintessential in your quest to not get ripped off during your home moving experience. It is so important because it allows you the chance to know for sure that your new property is everything you expect it to be and is not in anyway going to impact your life for the worse should you actually buy it. So, get your new home professionally surveyed, and do it before you sign any deeds or make any commitments to it!

What professional surveyors would do is enter your new property (or, at this point, your proposed new property) in order to look for any instances of something that is wrong or could go wrong in the home quite quickly and with relative ease. For instance, the surveyor would look around the rooms in the home for instances of rising damp; if found, they would mark this down as being something that you must know about before committing to the home if it is not already down on the municipal report conducted on the home. And, it is important that you do know about any instances of rising damp because it can be quite a costly thing to tackle when seeking to tackle it, which is what you would have to do once you were the owner of the home. So, in order to either have money rightfully shaved off of the asking price for the home in compensation for having to deal with the damp, or to put you off moving into the home altogether, you simply must have a surveyor check your new property before you commit to it.

Get a professional conveyancer on your side during the transaction

The monetary transaction that takes place between you and the current owner of the property you intend to move into is the stage of the home-moving experience in which you are most likely to get ripped off, but not if you have somebody by your side to see you through this stage. Yes, if you have a professional conveyancer on your side or even a team of conveyancing lawyers working alongside you, you will be able to be sure that nothing untoward is happening in regards to the money you are being asked to pay. What these professionals would do is help you come to a settlement fee with the other homeowner that is fair for the location of the property, its age and its condition. Plus, they would ensure that all legal obligations are met during the transaction.

So, get yourself a conveyancer if you don’t want your funds to be taken advantage of when paying to move home!

When moving home, especially if you are moving into your first home there will be many opportunities for others to seek to rip you off. But, don’t let them! Don’t let them by taking heed of the advice above.

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