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DIY Wine Cellar: Ordinary Room to Oenophile’s Dream


There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine after a long, hard day. Or, even better, serving it up to guests in your home out of your own personal collection. The convenience of a wine cellar makes both of these options easy and doable. All it takes is a quick renovation of your favorite space.

Once considered a luxury, many homes were not built with wine cellars. However, many homeowners are choosing to add the luxury of a wine cellar so as up the appraisal value of their home and provide an incentive to high-end home buyers. In fact, 31% of new home buyers with an annual household income of $150,000 or more named it as their top desired amenity.

There are numerous ways to store your wine collection conveniently and with style. Find the space, order the correct cabinetry (material matters!), and make sure you have the proper vapor barriers and insulation for the perfect addition to your home.


A basement renovation that turns the unused space into a wine cellar is the most popular option. A basement provides more than enough room for every wine imaginable. Furthermore, the damp conditions of a basement can actually be considered favorable for the wine’s freshness. The humidity prevents the cork from drying out and causing the wine to oxidize. While climate control logistics are more difficult in a basement, it remains perhaps the most practical location for an at-home wine cellar.


A garage is usually the least exciting area of the house, but not anymore. Install custom cabinetry and wine storage to transform the space into the most inviting area of your home. If your garage includes a small storage room, half the job is done. Your garage or storage will go from drab to fab, instantly.

Take into account, however, that this room will require the most renovation for a wine cellar. Generally, garages have poor insulation compared to other parts of the home, so make sure to seal all cracks, get a dehumidifier, and install a separate cooling system as garages have a tendency to overheat in the summer.


If the idea of a wine cellar doesn’t quite suit you, but you have a spare bedroom, create a wine bar. Build cabinetry and stemware racks, but throw in a home bar and seating that will create a relaxing, sophisticated space for you and your guests.

Consider installing tile or linoleum flooring so as to keep the space clean and cool. One benefit of turning a bedroom into a wine cellar is that bedrooms tend to already be temperature-controlled, unlike garages or basements. If you can program your thermostat to keep the room at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s almost a no-brainer.


The space reserved as your pantry doesn’t have to be for canned goods and cereal. Instead, it can be transformed into a small wine cellar. It already includes the shelving needed, so doll it up with some personalized accessories, adorned with an ornate wrought iron door – and voila! – you have a new wine cellar to show off at your next get together.

It’s critical you do replace the door, as chances are that your original pantry door doesn’t offer much insulation. An iron or steel door will provide the sealing effect


If your home includes walk-in closet space that is not being utilized, you can look no further for the right space for your new wine cellar. It is simple to add wine racks, storage and accessories to a large walk-in closet and top it off with a stunning cellar door.

Ideally, the closet you choose to convert into a wine cellar should be located on an inner wall as an exterior wall can lead to the unstable temperature that causes the wine to spoil.


Nooks and Crannies

If you do not have any spare rooms, search through your home for any unused space, even if it is a small corner in the living room or inside the home. With some creative designing, custom cabinetry and a small wine fridge, any space can be transformed into a wine cellar.

If you have a little room in your renovating budget and you’re really out to impress, consider an all-glass separation in any common areas. This will allow guests to observe your wine collection while serving as a modern and stellar addition to any ordinary dining area or living room.

Even in a small, unassuming home, a wine cellar could provide just the hint of luxury needed to boost home value and buyer interest. More importantly, it serves as a great gathering space and impressive amenity. It’s also a versatile add-on that can later be transformed into an at-home bar, study, man cave, or den.