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Condo Hunting 101: How to find the best ones in Canada

frank gehry architect

Since there are plenty of rentals in Toronto, finding the best apartment sometimes can be difficult. There are, however, some essential tips that you should consider to make the process of getting a rental more comfortable while at the same time protecting yourself. Here are some of the helpful tips that will help you make an informed decision.

Prepare Adequately for Showings

Never arrive at an apartment showing without the appropriate paperwork since you may miss your dream house. This is because most landlords and property managers request for the filling of the lease application immediately. Besides, you will be required to carry your checks and damage deposits. Disclosing information about your current employer, your past landlord, and more information about you might also be necessary.

Measure Your Furniture in Advance

Once you attended the showings and signed the required documents, there will be no time to measure if your furniture, for instance, the king sized bed or kitchen table, will fit in the room. Ensure you have a recorded the measurement of your furniture and also do not forget to carry the tape measure to measure the size of each room. Remember to confirm if the future will fit through the door and the elevator.

Keep a Checklist and Photos of Each Apartment

During the actual day of apartment showing, there is a possibility that you will visit different apartments for rent. If for instance, you visit Mirvish + Gehry that have 92 and 82 floors respectively, you will be required to remember how each condo looks. To avoid being overwhelmed or confused, make a checklist of each apartment that you visit and then compared their features and amenities through taking notes and pictures. If you haven’t guessed it already ‘Gehry’ is the famous architect: Frank Gehry.

Check the Details of Each Apartment

Get nosy on the day of showings. You should take time to check the space of the closets and confirm if there is any broken window frame. Test the thermostat, run the shower, open all windows and doors and finally test if all light bulbs are working.

Write Down the Details of the Apartment

In case you spot a problem in the house like a broken thermostat or broken flame, ensure that the landlord writes down and at the same time indicate when the problem will be fixed. Remember also to ensure that your damage deposit and rent amount are put in writing and are well receipted. It is also important to ensure that the terms of the lease are written down. Before both parties sign the checklist of damages, go over it and ensure that everything is clear before moving in. This will protect you from paying damages that you did not create.

Read Online Reviews about the Apartment

Some landlords have websites where they have posted their condos. Some of these landlords allow the online user to give reviews. It is, therefore, essential to research well and avoid basing your conclusion on one negative review but from repeated complaints.

Following the above tips will save you from possible regrets that may arise if you find that the apartment does not meet the desired standards. Take time to evaluate every condo that you visit so that at the end of the process, you will be in a position to make the right decision.

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