Business Head Quarters’ Location & Property Options

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Your business’ location and building can say a lot about your company. Firstly, there’s the impression that your premises can leave on your current and prospective clients – which of course, needs to be professional and appealing. Then, there’s also the facilities you have and what access you have to amenities and services that you could use to benefit your business.

Naturally, you’ll want to get the best mix of all these, but with so many different property options available for businesses, you might not know where to start. Here, we take a closer look at what opportunities are available and where you could find them, if you’re on the hunt for something bigger and better.

City Office Space

An office in the city can be a great plus point for your company. Not only will this offer you good commuter links and access, a newly furnished, modern office can do a lot for your business’ image. The simple approach here is to visit a local estate agent and see what’s available in your nearest city.

Business Parks

If you want to avoid the higher rental prices of the city, then check out the business parks in the area you’re looking at. Typically, these will have decent commuter links and can also provide a variety of business premises options to consider. The drawback is you’ll probably have a lot of competition in close proximity to you.

Virtual Offices

If you want to expand to another city but don’t want to spend a great deal in a new building, then a virtual office is a great idea. There are plenty of providers around the country, and these allow you to offer a business address without having to pay for any physical space. Again, this can be great for leaving a good impression.

Industrial Estates

If your business is more production-based and you know you’ll need access for larger vehicles, an industrial estate is probably your best bet. These are similar to business parks but can offer more from a commercial point of view. Again, a specialist estate agent can be a good idea to help you find the right place.

Additional Ways to Secure a New Premises

On top of the traditional business property estate agent route, as well as the abovementioned means to secure a new location, there are a couple of other ways you can find something. You might want to look at property auctions, as you can find these all over the country. These work like a typical auction only instead you get to bid on commercial properties – as such you could find yourself a bargain.

Another approach to take is to remotely work from home or even in a local coffee shop and hire function rooms for meeting clients. The positive here is you can save a lot on rental costs, but when you want to have a face to face, arranging this can be problematic – plus, you’ll need to be honest and tell your customers you don’t have a set business location, which might be a negative in some people’s eyes.

So, take on board some of the above and give yourself a wider variety of options when looking for a new business location.

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