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A Window to More Savings: How New Windows Can Help You Cut Costs

energy efficient windows

Are you feeling the winter chill in your home this season? Does it take forever to warm up the interior, yet seems like your furnace is constantly running to catch up?

If your utility bills seem high when the temperature is low, it could be time for replacement windows. Your dollars could be seeping out of your home to the tune of 25% energy loss, says the US Department of Energy.

Investing in new windows might seem like an expensive prospect, but making the decision to upgrade could save you big money. Not just now but in the future. It can help keep your house more temperate all year long.

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint and work toward a more energy-efficient home? Read on to find out why window replacement should be your first step.

More Durable Than Wood

If your old windows are set in wooden frames, they’re susceptible to decay and deterioration. Wood frames can swell, shrink, rot, and warp over time, which can compromise their integrity and even spread decay into the surrounding areas of your home.

Repairs will become more frequent, and costly, as your home ages. Aging window frames can cause pane separation or ruin the seals around your glass. These changes put your panes at risk for cracks and damage.

Modern window casings are constructed of resilient material such as vinyl. These frames are water-resistant and can be filled with foam or other insulating materials to better protect against fluctuating temperatures. Drafty air leaks will be a thing of the past when you choose new frames and upgraded insulation.

Summer Benefits

Upgrading your windows has benefits outside of keeping the cold at bay. Modern, energy-efficient windows often include special UV resistant gas trapped inside, to protect your interior from harmful UV damage.

The added benefit is less heat transfer into your home in the summer, which means your AC won’t have to work as hard to keep things nice and cool. Add a protective UV reflective film to your windows, and you’ll see a big difference in your summer cooling bill.

Advanced Insulating Technology

Far from the single pane windows of the past, modern windows have many insulating advantages that can save you on utility costs. Windows can have double or triple panes, which traps a pocket of air inside each layer to reduce the diffusion of heat into or out of the home.

Double or triple glazed windows like the ones offered by Ideal Window Solutions offer superior insulation and durability compared to windows of the past.

Other modern advances include argon or krypton gasses between the layers of glass, which reflect heat and add an additional insulating layer. Gas-filled windows also reduce noise and condensation.


Many windows today also come with a low-emittance coating, which refracts and absorbs only certain spectrums of light. This technique allows solar heat to be generated inside your home and reduces radiant heat losses.

Replacement Windows Save You Money

Replacing your windows can be a big investment, but might save you a significant sum in the long term. Not only can you expect to see hundreds of dollars of energy savings, you’ll find that your home has a better resale value on the real estate market as well.

Are you ready to make a big difference in your heating and cooling bills every year with replacement windows? Check out our guide on how to choose new windows for your home.

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