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A Guide to Renting in Newcastle For Students

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When you get accepted into university, it can be very overwhelming when you have to make a lot of decisions in a short space of time. You’ll need to accept or decline your offer, decide when you are going to move, potentially book flights and most importantly find a place to live. There are many options when it comes to choosing your accommodation because Newcastle has so much to offer and sometimes it can be hard to know which one might be right for you. This is why we have put together a guide for students renting in Newcastle so keep reading if you’d like to know more.

The Location

Depending on which institution you are attending, you’ll need to find out which places are nearest your university. There are two main universities in Newcastle, Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Both of these universities offer their own accommodation that you can choose from, so it is good to start with these options so that you can get to grips with what is on offer. You’ll also be able to tell where the good places are to stay in relation to the distance from your university from these as it is unlikely that the official university would have its student’s travel from far away.

Private Accommodation

The official university accommodation is not the only student accommodation Newcastle has to offer. Make sure to check out the other options that are available to you that provide a slightly more luxurious location like this accommodation for students in Newcastle. You’ll find amazing rooms here along with loads of extra features like an onsite gym and cinema.

Another option for you is to rent a flat privately in Newcastle. This can work out cheaper than paying for student accommodation, but it is important to remember that this is a lot more responsibility. It is likely that you’ll need to consider bills like electricity and gas as well as setting up your own WIFI and maybe even furnishing it. It is good to know though that this is an option and some people tend to opt for this in their second year when they have made friends who they would like to live with.

Your Budget

The amount of money that you are able to spend on accommodation each month depends on your savings, your student loan and how much your parents are able to help you out with. For some people, they will need to get a part-time job to supplement their student loan as accommodation can be very expensive. This is why you need to take some time to think realistically about how much you can afford to pay. There is no point in choosing the most luxurious place if you will have to miss university because you need to do an extra shift. Budget yourself and choose somewhere that you can live comfortably to ensure that you get the most out of university.