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8 Ways To Save Your Quartz Countertops

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Quartz for the countertop in a kitchen is the preferred option by many homeowners.

They are classy, elegant, and chic. They’re also durable and a lot less porous than granite which is also used a lot for countertops. Quartz countertops are engineered stone and easy to clean as well as resistant to bacteria.

Another reason quartz countertops are popular is long term return on investment. i.e. they cost a bit more but last a long time.

If you’re doing some research into materials for your countertop, here’s what you can consider about using quartz.

Popular Choice

Quartz is a mineral in plentiful supply. From a visual aspect, quartz is sleek looking and uniform in nature.

Quartz is perfect for repelling moisture, bacteria, and mold from a performance angle, making it easy to keep clean and requiring minimal maintenance and replacement from a performance angle.

Plus, being scratch, heat, chip, and stain-resistant makes it a great choice for a high use countertop.

Why is quartz expensive?

Due to its nonporous and low maintenance qualities, quartz is sold at a higher price than other materials though shop around as you may get quotes for it that are less than granite.


You won’t be installing it yourself. Being an engineered stone product, Quartz requires many workers to move, lift and install it.

Plus, being a heavy material, quartz must be properly installed so that it is supported securely. Therefore it is crucial to find a contractor with previous experience in installing quartz for safety and compliance.

Added Value

When you sell your home, your quartz countertop will improve your home’s appeal to homebuyers. Luxury materials are highly regarded, and countertops are a big footprint in the kitchen.

Whoever is the chef in the household looking to purchase a new home will love the quartz countertop and so much so it may be the reason for making an offer the seller can not refuse.


What are the best ways to save on quartz?

Limit the number of slabs

The more slabs, the more money you will be paying. Buying one slab is the cheapest option, but some home projects may require one and a half or two full slabs.

Ask the company if they will be willing only to sell half a slab or just a remnant of a slab if your space is minimal.

Pick a thin slab

Thickness is a huge contributing factor to the price you may pay when getting quartz in your kitchen. If you choose the smallest thickness for your needs, you will save money but still have beautiful counter space.

Buy a quartz overlay

Simply overlaying quartz onto your already existing countertops can go a long way in keeping your wallet full.

The finished product looks the same and is also just as durable as full quartz countertops. The installation is also quicker and cleaner.

Caesarstone’s Blog has some amazing choices and tips for getting a quartz overlay. Check out their before and after photo gallery.

Try to shop during the off-season

More people tend to start home improvement projects in the summer when they work less, and the weather is nice. However, this also means that tile stores and contractors are busier and charge more for their work.

Consider starting your remodel during the holiday season or the winter when people are looking for work and have more time to spend giving you quality results.

Start with just the countertops

As people get excited about changing their homes, they will often add more projects after finishing the first one. People will choose to get quartz backsplashes which will increase the price of the remodel.

If you have a strict budget, commit to starting with the countertops and adding on additions later.

Shop around

The location and the people you talk to will depend on the price quote you receive. Try going to several different stores or contacting several contractors before choosing one. Also, consult friends or your local city’s social media pages to ask for advice.

Always get a quote

Never allow a remodel or addition to start without first getting a quote from the shop and the contractor. Ask them to come and look at your kitchen before receiving quotes.


Certain layouts may require extra material or oddly cut stones, which will increase the quoted price.

Ask for the quote to be written so you can reference it later.

Never let a salesperson verbally give you a quote because they may change their mind later, or if the salesperson is different the next time you go in, your quote may not be honored.

Buy from a local stone yard

The locally owned stone yard will often have lower prices and workers that genuinely want to help instead of just focusing on making massive amounts of money.

Your local contractor or other professional may also have a close relationship with people from the stone yard, which could help you with the installation process.

The numerous ways to save money when shopping for quartz and the durability and low maintenance qualities of these stones make it the perfect choice for any home or kitchen.

Next Kitchen Project

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You will need an expert to measure up, suggest products and provide quotes, says Walcraft Cabinetry. Don’t be surprised if the quotes vary from different suppliers. Make sure you don’t make your choice just on price. You’ve gone to the effort of choosing a quality benchtop. Therefore take the same approach with your cabinetry.

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