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7 Key Tips for Buying a Beach House in Myrtle Beach

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Small beach towns have a certain quality and charm that no other areas can compete with. Most people find it hard to leave between attractions, locals, shops, and beaches.

Myrtle Beach is no exception to the rule. It offers some of the most attractive and affordable real estate on or near the beach.  The cost of living there is also low, and keeping costs down is one of the essential tips for buying a beach house anyone will give you.

Myrtle Beach is full of things to do. Sure, you have fun touristy things to do, like visiting national parks, historical sites, and wildlife refuges. Still, there are also plenty of areas that remain secluded from larger crowds and tourists.

Myrtle Beach is the epitome of small beach town living! If you want to buy a house there, check out these seven tips!

Tips for Buying a Beach House

Beach homes often have a hefty price tag for a good reason. Lovely beach homes are sought as personal residences and real estate opportunities.

However, owning the perfect beach home isn’t as simple as picking any old house on the beach. There are a lot of factors to consider, some of which few people ever think about.

This article will examine these critical factors and offer tips for buying a beach house. We want you to be 100% sure about your investment so you can get the home of your dreams and live with no regrets!

1. Know What You’re Approved For

Foremost, assuming you aren’t paying cash for a home on the beach, you need to know what you can afford.

This is an often overlooked aspect of buying a home. People do rough calculations and assume they will be approved for a certain amount. However, you won’t be confident until you get pre-approved.

The last thing you want to do is find the perfect home and find out you’re not qualified. Get pre-approved for a mortgage amount. Even if you don’t use that lender, you’ll have a baseline figure.

We also recommend not maxing out your limit, as you never know what other surprises may come up! You also never want to be in a tight position.

2. Get to Know the Local Area

Next, before you get too committed to a house, make sure you enjoy the local area. This is one of the most essential tips for buying a beach house. A perfect home is nothing if you hate its town or neighborhood.


Not all stretches of beach are created equally. Make sure the beach property is on an appealing segment of the beach. This also means knowing what that beach looks like all year round.

For example, do you know the difference between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach? If not, check out this helpful article for more information.

Finally, you need to know if living in that area will create hardship for you. How easy will it be to get groceries? What is the likelihood of flooding, hurricanes, etc.? There are many things you should know before owning an ocean-side property.

Additionally, there are essential tasks to complete before buying a beach house, including:

  • Obtaining a property inspection report
  • Get an environmental site assessment
  • Quotes for insurance

3. Get a Comprehensive Inspection

Whether it’s a regular home or a beach house, you must get a proper inspection before signing any papers. You never know what can be hiding behind closed doors, nor how well the previous owner maintained the house.

Beach homes, primarily, are known for being susceptible to moisture. Water damage isn’t uncommon in beach houses because of the high water table and humidity.

Make sure you hire an inspector who is competent and thorough. Hidden water and moisture can lead to severe property damage and harmful mold growth.

4. Environmental Site Assessment

Getting an environmental assessment report is wise to prevent any surprises with unforeseen chemical contamination and cleanup. If you’d rather not pay for the information, at a minimum, do thorough research on historical contamination events in the area. For example, EWG’s tap water database update shows Myrtle Beach tap water quality as passable; however, you may still prefer to consider using filtered water at home as contaminants are present.

5. Consider Insurance Costs

Next, it’s essential to appreciate your insurance necessities and the costs of owning a beach home.

Because beach houses are potentially at risk of flooding or being hit by hurricanes, expect insurance to be a little higher than the average house. A beach house property is much more valuable than traditional properties.

Finally, realize that renting out your beach house requires a different insurance policy because you’re now using it as a commercial property.

6. Know What Happens During the Off-Season

An often-overlooked aspect of owning a beach house in a small beach town is what the city is like during the off-season.

Outside of the summer, many small beach towns become slow, even depressing. Tourism slows down; the beach isn’t as fun when it is cold out, and shops are dormant.


One of the most valuable tips for buying a beach house is knowing what the town is like once summer disappears. Will you still be happy there outside of the tourist season when everything is thriving and busy?

7. Be Aware of All the Costs

Finally, one of the more practical tips for buying a beach house is to be aware of all the costs. Sure, you’ve budgeted for an $800,000 beachfront property, but does that include taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and maintenance?

Ensure you know every fee and cost arising during and after the purchase agreement. Don’t forget about closing costs and realtor fees!

8. Hire a Competent Agent

Just as crucial as a competent inspector is an experienced realtor. You’re putting your entire future in a real estate agent’s hands. Don’t feel wrong about being picky here!

A good agent can save you money, negotiate contracts, and find exactly what you want. Don’t settle for a realtor who is content to show you homes outside your specifications or becomes impatient with you for wanting to see other properties.

Remember that beach homes are significant investments when considering these tips for buying a beach house; you shouldn’t rush or compromise.

Are You Ready?

Now that you know our tips for buying a beach house, are you ready to invest? Myrtle Beach is such a beautiful and friendly small beach town it’s hard to think of reasons not to buy a permanent location there!

However, if you’re still weighing the pros and cons, look at the rest of our blog for more property talk!

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