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5 Reasons Why Modular Homes are a Must-Buy

modular home

Modular housing is becoming the most preferred option for individuals that want to own a home, and is reputedly the fastest growing sector in construction. Although its prominence may be attributed to overboard marketing techniques, there is no doubt that it comes with a wide range of benefits. And although there have been several misconceptions, a modular home is not a mobile home, but rather a kind of property that is built in a controlled setting while adhering to state, local and regional building codes required at the final location of the home.

If you are torn between owning a traditionally on-site built house and a modular home, here are five reasons why you should opt for the former.

1. Affordability

Due to bulk buy, in-house expertise, and consolidated expert services, modular homes come at a relatively lower price as compared to traditional homes. Since every homeowner wants to save as much as they can, prefabricated homes are an excellent option to help you own a house without having to spend a fortune. On average, a modular home can save you up 20% when compared to a traditional home of equal size and similar features.

2. Easily Customizable

There is a misconception that all modular homes look the same. This is untrue as every house offers a wide range of options and décor selection than the traditional home. A modular home can be customized with everything you ought to see in your domicile. Whether it is modern kitchens with top-notch countertops, automation of your systems or stylish flooring, these houses provide you with endless options.

3. They Take Less Time to Build

A survey conducted in 2014 by the US Census Bureau found that it takes eight months on average to construct an on-site single-family home. On the other hand, it takes a fifth of this time to build a modular home. This basically because modular homes are constructed in a controlled environment where challenges such as the shortage of materials or change in weather conditions won’t delay or interrupt the process.

4. Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly

Modular homes are constructed using modern technologies which make them friendly to the ecosystem and efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

If energy efficiency and environmental conservation are the considerations for designing your new modular home, then we bet you won’t follow the traditional path. Getting a modular property that’s right for your area, e.g. what you choose for a site in Queensland Australia would differ from your requirements for a section in a colder climate where you’d need more energy-saving insulation.

An appropriate design means you will get to save on the annual bills on electricity, gas and other alternative heating fuels. Additionally, you will be playing a significant role in environmental conservation as modular houses produce 35-40% less waste than the typical site-built homes.

5. They Don’t Depreciate in Value

Unlike traditional properties that require regular maintenance and repair, modular homes are built using top-quality materials which make them appreciate in value over the years. A comparison between conventional and modular homes built at the same time shows vast differences when it comes to long term value. Most of the things in the modular house such as flooring and roof come with guarantees, meaning that owners don’t have to dig deep into their pockets in case of damages.

Final verdict

With endless design options, relatively affordable prices, peace of mind during and after the construction process. Modular homes are not only lucrative but a smart investment. Additionally, the houses are sustainable, efficient, and highly valuable. Therefore, if you are contemplating owning a home, a prefabricated property would be a wise option.

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