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5 Ways to Use Social Media to Sell Real Estate

social media to sell real estate

Virtually every business on the planet can use social media to boost sales and reach. Real estate is no exception. But to succeed, you’ll need to be consistent, creative and strategic. That means going beyond just sharing your new listing and hoping your followers “like” or share it.

Here are five ways to use social media to sell real estate:

1. Go Live to Show Properties

Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to stream live videos to your followers. Take them with you when showing homes. Better yet – show them homes you haven’t even listed yet. Doing so will make your followers feel like they’re getting the inside scoop. You may even get an offer or two before the property goes on the market.

Some real estate agents will also go live when hosting an open house, particularly when answering questions and providing details about the property. This gives potential buyers a chance to learn more about the home before ever stepping foot on the property.

2. Find a Niche Platform To Promote You

Just like you need to find a niche area to focus on in real estate, picking the right platform to promote you and your listings on social media will ensure the right people (beyond your own following) see your listings. Whether you focus on a particular location, property type or price bracket, there is a social platform that can work for you. Finding a niche helps you establish yourself as an authority, and it also helps you target the right kind of buyers.

One great example of this concept is @Luxury_Listings. The account gathers and shares multi-million-dollar property represented by the world’s top professionals. Just as its name suggests, the account focuses on luxury properties, or as they say, the “world’s most desirable properties.”

They know their audience and are able to provide global recognition and marketing for trophy listings. They’ve succeeded with this strategy by using a winning combination of stunning imagery, subtle CTAs and a focus on the high-end price bracket.

3. Invest in Professional Photos

In the world of social media, everyone judges a book by its cover. If you want potential buyers to inquire about viewing a property, you need to show the property at its best. That means posting professional photos.

Everything from the lighting to the staging and angle of the photo makes a difference in the feel and appeal of the home. The more attractive the photo, the more attention it will receive on visual social networks, like Instagram.

4. Educate Your Followers

If your Facebook and Twitter accounts look like advertising feeds, it may be time to switch things up. Followers want to hear about new listings, but they also want to be educated. Share something valuable and interesting – something your followers want to learn.

When writing your social media posts, think of yourself as a teacher. Give facts and share content that your viewers will enjoy.

By educating your followers, you also establish yourself as an authority in the field, which builds trust. Trust isn’t easy to come by in the real estate world.


5. Don’t Forget Video

We talked about streaming live video, but you also want to incorporate professional video content into your social media strategy. Posting video tours of properties will engage potential buyers and, hopefully, generate some new leads.


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